How to Get a Connecticut Medical Marijuana Card

Medical marijuana in Connecticut was legalized in 2012 after an act regarding Marijuana’s Palliative use. Since then, several items have been altered in the legislation but medical marijuana still is of great benefit to many people. It is required that no one possess more than 2.5 ounces of medical marijuana in a month unless it […]

Whoever starts with a personal trainer rarely goes back to the gym

More and more people choose to have a healthy lifestyle and to achieve this it is necessary to exercise and follow a healthy diet. Fundamental to live more and better. The offers to take care of you are endless: gym, yoga in the park, jogging, pole dance class, exercise at home, personal training … but […]

Before you GIVE UP on your Relationship, Read This!

Have you been fighting a lot with your partner? Consider yourself lucky; when there are constant arguments or fights in a relationship, it is because either one of you wishes to save the bond. You get possessive about your partner when you see him with someone else and thus, fight with him. You feel bad […]

What Are Steroids And What Are The Various Advantages Of It?

There are multiple things that you may need in order to get through with the best for your body. One of the most underrated and mistook things in this is the steroids. These are really great for your body if you really know how to make the best use of these. There is completely no […]

Choosing the effective weight loss pills

When you are frantic about shedding weight, then diet pills turn into a hugely tempting proposition. You become all the more desperate when you have already attempted the contemporary systems of losing weight but minus any remarkable success. If a recent report is to be believed, then Americans are devoting above $50 billion on various […]

Benefits of an Online Personal Trainer

Reaching your goals, on your own time, with no extra thought involved. Someone else creates your workout program based off of your goals and guidelines and you follow through with it on your own time. Each week you connect via email or phone call to touch base about the previous week, make adjustments to your […]

AMA Launches Digital Health Implementation Playbook

The American Medical Association (AMA) has launched the Digital Health Implementation Playbook to help physicians understand digital health better. They hope this will ease physicians’ anxieties about new medical technologies and lead to quicker adoptions of new innovations. One worry for physicians, researchers, and decision makers in adopting digital health innovations, AMA said in a […]

4 Things to Do Before You Jump into Locum Psychiatry

Locum tenens psychiatry is becoming more attractive to doctors looking to leave behind traditional practice in search of something new. If nothing else, locum tenens offers an opportunity to combine medical practice with travel. It gives doctors the opportunity to see new places, meet new people, and experience different perspectives of medicine as a whole. […]

Steps to Manage Anxiety Efficiently

All of us worry. All of us have, at some point, had butterflies in the stomach. We feel nervous and our body joins in by increasing the heart rate, sweating, making the stomach uneasy, clenching the muscles, etc. It is normal to experience this feeling in certain common situations: for example, before giving a speech […]