5 Things You Need To Know Before Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is being highly appreciated in recent years. From lesser invasive treatments like fillers and injections to complicated surgeries, women today, are trying everything to look their best. While it is not limited to women, it is widely accepted my ladies only. Facial rejuvenation has made it possible to get the desired shape. Dr Morris Ritz shares some things that every woman must know before facial rejuvenation surgery.

What does a face-lift mean?

The sagging skin on face and neck is tightened by the surgeon in the process of face-lift. The patient is given anesthesia to prevent pain. Incisions are made near earlobes so that they are not visible. The surgeon cuts off extra skin and closes the incision. Loose neck skin, double chin, mid-face drooping, and jowls are treated in the procedure. The way in which this surgery is better than injections is it lasts for several years while injections last from eight months to two years.

What is the recovery time?

Most of the people have myths regarding the recovery time, and that’s what makes them scared. They think that it will take 6-7 weeks, but the truth is most of the people recover in 10 to 14 days. While the incisions heal, people can feel bruising or swelling, which is not something to worry about. The surgeon will give you details of pain relief medications for faster relief. Also, he will provide you with detailed post surgery instructions.

What are its best benefits?

The most significant benefit is self-satisfaction. People feel better with their new appearance. Facelift surgery increases confidence in the people who go for it which better for both their professional and personal life. You look young, and the people around you see you in a positive way. While aging is a big issue among women, facelift surgery has become the best way to minimize its effects. It also affects your health. The sense of looking younger and attractive makes you feel good which keeps you healthier from the inside.

What are the major drawbacks and risks involved in the procedure?

People with some health conditions like obesity and diabetes can feel complications with anesthesia. Also, another big risk is bleeding. Sometimes, excessive bleeding during the surgery can become complicated. Bleeding mostly occur in the case of those people who smoke on a regular basis or take anti-clotting medication. Moreover, the surgeon takes all such things into account before taking you to the operation room, but the best thing you can do is be honest. Let the doctor know everything about health.

Will the results be natural?

Feeling satisfied is the most important thing after surgery. People want to know whether others are able to tell the difference between their prior appearance and their present one. They want to look better and not bad than before.

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Post Author: Clare Louise