A Stable Solution for Your Missing Teeth – Dental Implants

Tooth loss doesn’t mean the end of feeling confident about your looks and enjoying your favourite food. Every patient is different when it comes to tooth replacement options which will work the best. There are a number of choices available nowadays to replace missing teeth which includes bridges, dentures, and dental implants. Patients are often […]

Wisdom Teeth Removal – FAQs

In your routine teeth cleaning, your dentist utters it to you that your wisdom teeth are coming through!  It is unfortunate that these teeth will not bring you bouts of wisdom. Wisdom teeth appear between the ages 17 to 25 which is also known as the ‘age of wisdom’, hence the name. Although not everyone […]

Xylitol chewing gum and dental caries

Introduction Xylitol is known for a century and is studied for the purpose of dental caries for 40 years. It is mainly a white crystalline carbohydrate and is found in fruit and vegetables. Also as per Caledone dentist, if children regularly chew xylitol-based gum, a great amount of plaque is reduced. This is because xylitol […]

Benefits of Using Chlorhexidine with Curasept Products

There are tons of benefits on using the Curasept products with chlorhexidine when it comes to control the plaque and prevent the teeth from gingivitis. Some doctors recommend the combination of 0.05% chlorhexidine digluconate and 0.05% of sodium fluoride as an ideal solution to the patients who have impaired motor skills. It helps in providing […]

Clear correct Aligners – The invisible alternative to braces

If you want to straighten your misaligned teeth, you probably know how hard is to find a treatment option that suits your unique goals. Even though traditional braces are a proven treatment to straighten the teeth, it has a host of downsides as well. If you don’t want to wear traditional braces, clear correct aligners […]

Why it’s Smart to Have Your Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removed?

“The Biggest Adventure You Can Take Is To Live The Life Of Your Dreams”! Research shows that, 1 in 4children aged 5–10 have untreated tooth decay in their primary teeth. What do you mean by Wisdom teeth? They are the third set of molars which usually erupt during your late teens or early twenties. There […]

Why Are Dental Implants Much Popular?

Why are the dental implants becoming so popular? Many people experience that dental implants in Melbourne are reliable and a practical solution for tooth loss and fixing implants not only regain the attractive smile but also help in maintaining the oral health. As the technology is getting advanced day to day, perfect treatment options are […]

How Can You Fix Crossbite With Invisible Braces?

Did you know, there is a close link between your biting ability and your overall health? Yeah! When your upper and lower jaws are misaligned, it usually causesthe upper teeth to bite on the inner side of the lower teeth. This term is technically referred as crossbite! Crossbites can cause abrasion of the teeth, gum […]