Benefits of Using Chlorhexidine with Curasept Products

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There are tons of benefits on using the Curasept products with chlorhexidine when it comes to control the plaque and prevent the teeth from gingivitis. Some doctors recommend the combination of 0.05% chlorhexidine digluconate and 0.05% of sodium fluoride as an ideal solution to the patients who have impaired motor skills. It helps in providing good control of bacterial plaque for the success of periodontal therapy and offering the patient a healthy periodontium. A simple home therapy, based on using Curasept  mouthwash can reduce the formation of plaque.

Ensuring High Tolerance and Acceptance

A significant amount of reduction can be seen when it comes to plaque, bleeding and inflammation. Curasept products also help in healing the wound at an accelerated rate and they minimize the complications that are faced by patients’ post-surgery. The antiseptic property of chlorhexidine has the effectiveness of the inhibition of plaque and prevents the teeth from caries and gingivitis. Some studies have shown that regular use of chlorhexidine did not rise the resistant microorganism.

Gold Standard Oral Antiseptic

There is no doubt that chlorohexidine is still considered to be the gold standard in the field. In the active and maintenance phases of treatment, some adverse effect was shown by chlorhexidine but later when the ADS system interferes the two-main reaction which is responsible for the formation of stain. The compliance has been increased with the prolonged use of alcohol-based mouthwashes. The anti-plaque and anti-gingivitis effect of chlorhexidine has been maintained even with the ADS.


Post Author: Donald Phillips