Wisdom Teeth Removal – FAQs

In your routine teeth cleaning, your dentist utters it to you that your wisdom teeth are coming through!  It is unfortunate that these teeth will not bring you bouts of wisdom. Wisdom teeth appear between the ages 17 to 25 which is also known as the ‘age of wisdom’, hence the name. Although not everyone develops their third molars, according to reports, about 90% of people have at least one of their wisdom teeth impacted as there is no enough space for the teeth to break through the gums. On an average, people get four wisdom teeth however some are lucky to get only a few or none.

How important is wisdom teeth removal Sydney ?

To make it simple, there is no enough room for the wisdom teeth in our jaws as like our ancestors. Our jaws do not grow to be big enough to have enough space for the third molars to come in. As there is no room for them to erupt like other teeth, wisdom teeth tend to come in different angles resulting in problems for the rest of the mouth.

Unattended wisdom teeth damage the teeth next door also called second molars. Dentist recommends wisdom teeth removal even before they turn into a problem to avoid a more complicated removal process.

However, some people do not require wisdom teeth removal at all either because their wisdom teeth grow like any other regular teeth or they do not grow at all.

Why do we lack room for our wisdom teeth?

To put it simple, our jaws are small than they used to be. It is because of our diet which falls short of certain vital nutrients that allow the jaw to develop appropriately. Vitamin K2 is accountable for letting the jaw develop by absorbing calcium in the body and putting it into the bones.

Vitamin K2 is acquired from liver, organ meat as well as animal products from animals that feed on grass. Most of don’t grow up eating these kinds of foods due to the craze in low-fat food. This is why in these days underdeveloped wisdom teeth Sydney are common, and it has become a norm.

Our ancestors had great jaw development with room for all 32 teeth to come in straight as they did not feed on the modern diets we follow now. Nowadays, our diet from childhood is nutrient poor and heavy in soft foods. It is not the evolution but our diet to be blamed which do not support our jaws to develop fully.

What will happen if we ignore wisdom teeth?

One of the main reasons to get wisdom teeth removal Sydney is to prevent them from damaging the adjust in healthy teeth. Wisdom teeth often erupt perpendicularly to the second molars.

As they come in sideways, it throws off your bites creating an area where food gets caught resulting in decay of adjacent teeth or can even create painful infections.

So, skipping affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney today will likely cause complications and issues down the road.

Post Author: Danny White