7 Post Car Accident Symptoms to Watch Out For

Unfortunately, car accidents are part of people’s day to day life. While some accidents might end up causing fatalities, the majority will most likely cause less harm. But just because you can walk like you usually would after a minor accident, it does not mean that you are fine. On the contrary, many symptoms might end up appearing hours, days, or even weeks after the accident. Here are the seven most common post car accident symptoms you should watch out for.

  1. Headaches

Perhaps one of the most common symptoms after a car accident is the headache. And although, in most cases, this is harmless and should not take long to heal, when the pain persists, it can signalize a harsher, more severe condition such as traumatic head injury, concussions, and more. So make sure to consult a doctor for more in-depth analysis and a more precise diagnostic.

  1. Neck and Shoulder Pain

Another very common injury after a car accident is the neck and shoulder one. In most cases, they appear as a result of a damaged nerve, a muscle injury, joint or tendon, or even from stress and overall tension. This symptom is often associated with whiplash.

  1. Numbness, Itching or Tingling

Another symptom you should be on the lookout for is the numbness, the itching, or the tingling in your neck, back, shoulder, or extremities. This symptom can signalize damage at the tissue level or the nerve.

  1. A Change in Your Mood or Behavior

A symptom that can easily go unnoticed, especially right after the accident, is the change in your overall mood and behavior. Just because you were physically able to leave the accident place does not mean that what you have witnessed and experienced there did not affect you.

On the contrary, it might have triggered emotional disorders such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, irritability, personality changes, mood swings, and so on. Specialized help should be sought as soon as this symptom is encountered. Therapy sessions can help the patient to overcome this condition better.

  1. Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pains can often signalize a more severe condition, such as internal bleeding. At times, this symptom can be paired together with nausea. Since internal bleeding is a life-threatening and even deadly condition, medical help should be seen as soon as possible.

  1. Back Pain

Back pain is a serious condition that should be treated accordingly. Failure to do so can end up causing the debilitation of the patient and might sentence him to a lifetime of immobility. To avoid this scenario, advanced medical help should be sought.

  1. Changes in Vision or Hearing

A blurred or a double vision, as well as a constant ringing inside the ears, are symptoms that result from a car accident. Although these symptoms might go away with time, medical help is always the safer way to go with these problems.

All in all, if you have been the victim of a recent car accident, you should look out for these symptoms, seek adequate medical help as well as the help of a Lemon law attorney for more advice on how to deal with your situation.

Post Author: Paul Petersen