Doula and the importance and effectiveness of their work

Many institutes define Doula as a person who helps a family during the critical times of child delivery of a woman. The help provided by a doula are all related to supporting the family during childbirth and pregnancy. It is a kind of professional support. This support is very non-judgmental as these doulas are trained […]

Eye Health – Caring for your Retina

One of the most important elements of the body are often left unchecked. The eyes. We rely on our eyes for just about everything we do and yet not all of us have them examined once a year. This is important especially if you are advancing in years. A check with an optometrist or ophthalmic […]

Understanding the Basics of a Family Counselling Programs

Seeking help from a therapist is one of the most common ways to solve complex emotional and behavioural problems. Counselling is useful for identifying the different issues that cause problems between people. It can prove effective for family members because some problems affect the entire family, and each member has their own capacity to cope […]