Things You Always Thought Are the Part of Growing Older – Are Actually Not

Some of the changes such as the requirement of reading glasses present the idea of being at a certain age. However, some pains and aches are actually caused by conditions that can be treated with proper care . Elders must not suffer when such upsetting symptoms occur. Until a fairly recent time, the idea was that old age is associated with constant and much-anticipated deterioration of the mental and physical capabilities of elders. People who experience aches, joint pain, blurred vision, memory loss and loss of appetite were likely to simply take it as the process of getting older.

It is true that with age elders are more likely to suffer from different health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis or osteoporosis. However, today geriatricians have emphasized that a large number of a health condition that people used to assume as the natural process of aging are treatable and in some case can be stopped and even reversed.

Memory loss

Most of the elder people experience a certain change in their memory with the age. They seem to work a bit harder to remember a person’s name or recall a word. Such changes are normal because with age the part of our brain has stored so much information that it takes a little longer to access it. It is also important to know that some of the memory problems arise from curable conditions. Some common reasons for memory loss are vitamin deficiencies, metabolic disorders, sleep deprivation, alcohol abuse and urinary tract infections.

Vision problems

With the old age, a few changes in the vision are the most common, for instance finding it hard to focus when close to the eye. Most of the elder people develop conditions that impair eyesight such as cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic eye disease and age-related macular degeneration. Particular forms of vision impairments can be prevented with regular eye exams. As of today, cataract surgery is restoring the vision of a number of elder people.

Tooth loss

Poor nutrition has been the leading cause of poor oral health. Modern dentistry is assisting a number of elder individuals to preserve their natural teeth for a longer time period. Routine dental care can cure dry mouth, gum disease and regular wear and tear, which helps elder people to avoid loss of tooth.


Elder people are at high risk of depression. Changes in life circumstances, the death of spouse, health challenges and loss of independence can be a major cause of depression due to which home health care services have immense importance. Taking different medication due to certain health conditions may cause depression.

Elders who are dealing with the regular emotion of grief and major loss of interest in activities they used to enjoy before are the major signs of depression that must be assessed by a healthcare professional. Depression can be treated with medication, counselling, managing underlying health conditions and bringing change to the lifestyle such as doing exercise and increasing social interaction.

Post Author: Clare Louise