Doula and the importance and effectiveness of their work

Many institutes define Doula as a person who helps a family during the critical times of child delivery of a woman. The help provided by a doula are all related to supporting the family during childbirth and pregnancy. It is a kind of professional support. This support is very non-judgmental as these doulas are trained to face situations which they haven’t faced yet. The other work of doula is to provide guidance to the family who is expecting a child, helping them gain knowledge about the delivery procedure and even providing moral support. Going to the literal meaning of Doula, the word is Greek originated. The Greek meaning is woman servant. The work of doula also includes evidence-based education, practical hands-on support during childbirth including measures to comfort the family and the newborn baby. These doulas can be very helpful for a constant moral support a person needs at the time of delivery.

Types of Doulas

The doulas can be classified into two types according to their work and timing. The first type is the trained doula for the time of pregnancy. This doula is professionally trained to help and support the family during the time of pregnancy and before delivery. This work includes taking care of the mother, being there for her needs and providing pieces of advice whenever needed. The second type is Postpartum Doulas. These doulas are trained for giving the services after the delivery or birth of the child. There are much works and help which the family needs after the birth. Thus, postpartum doulas prove to be a great help to these families so that they don’t face any difficulties.

Core competencies of Doulas

The training of doulas is done keeping in mind the many aspects and mental complications during pregnancy and after childbirth. Thus these doulas are trained to help eradicate the complications. So these doulas are competent to understand the need of the postpartum mom and her partner. After the first step of understanding these doulas are then trained to provide the help which is needed at the time.

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