Male Celebrities Going Under the Knife


Necklifts , nose jobs, botox… all words that for years have been associated with women the world over. However, more and more men are turning to cosmetic surgery to avoid the ageing process. 

With Lord Sugar recently confirming that he has had a little help in the looks department on the ITV show, Piers Morgan Life Stories, it raises the question of which other male celebrities have succumbed to surgery in a bid to keep their youthful appearances.

Simon Cowell , Steve Martin and Michael Douglas are just three celebrities rumoured to have had a neck lift, with countless other surgeries allegedly to have taken place. Male celebrities are feeling the pressure to look ageless and are opting for surgery to keep in line with the younger generations of stars. 

Arguably many celebrities have taken the surgeries too far and have become almost unrecognisable from their former selves with fans asking why they felt the need to undergo any procedures at all. 

Many celebrities deny that they have gone under the knife but many draw speculation by appearing with the tell-tale signs of swollen faces or tiny plasters behind the ears. Then, of course, the world’s press is keen to show “before and after” photos to compare the look of our celebrities. However, in a world where it is almost expected of their female counterparts, surely it’s time for the male celebrities to be open and honest about any cosmetic surgery or, even better, embrace the ageing process and show what they really look like without the assistance of a surgeon?

Lord Sugar’s attitude is rather refreshing in this world of cloak and dagger. Should more celebrities be open and admit to having had work done or should we, the public, respect their privacy and stop playing the guessing game? Does it even matter that they are undergoing surgery to change their nose shape, their chin or their neckline? 

Would being open and honest mean that they are deemed shallow and arrogant or could it address a deeper undertone of low self-esteem and confidence?


Post Author: Donald Phillips