How much water should you drink each day?

Water is an essential nutrient for humans and keeping hydrated is important for maintaining a healthy, functioning body. However, it can be hard to determine how much water you need per day as it varies depending on your age, sex, health and lifestyle. The home doctor experts at House Call Doctor have created a useful […]

When You Should Bring in a Professional Coach to Combat Stress?

Stress Management coaches aim to support their clients when they need to overcome a very stressful situation. Nowadays, everyone is exposed to stress and anxiety all the time. And if some people manage to cope with it by themselves, other may have hard time to recover their peace of mind. In this case, bringing in […]

Natural Remedies for Back & Neck Pain After An Accident

Back and neck pain are the most common type of injuries that result from a car accident. Even the slightest car crash can result in a tremendous, long term back or neck affection. In most cases, the pain does not need to be immediate for the injured to be able to receive medical care. On […]

What Conditions to fulfill for availing Benefits under the Department of Energy

When you have been diagnosed with cancer or other harmful illnesses covered under the energy employees occupational illness compensation program, you would become eligible for the benefits offered by the EEOICPA. There would be several questions that come to the mind of the claimant before filing the compensation claim. Among the several aspects that you […]

Hair Horoscope 2019: Embrace the True You with these Dreamy Hairstyles

The obsession with astrology has been a thing for decades now and honestly, there’s no denying that all of us have at least once. Whether if it’s for love, fashion, career or style advice, we’ve always made sure to go through what our signs think is best for us. Your hairstyle is the first thing […]

Male Celebrities Going Under the Knife

Necklifts, nose jobs, botox… all words that for years have been associated with women the world over. However, more and more men are turning to cosmetic surgery to avoid the ageing process.  With Lord Sugar recently confirming that he has had a little help in the looks department on the ITV show, Piers Morgan Life […]

All You Need to Know About Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom tooth impaction is a common dental problem that occurs when the third molars attempt to erupt through the gums. Wisdom teeth are the large chewing teeth found in the back of your mouth. Usually, the eruption takes places during the late teens or early twenties. What is mean by an impacted wisdom tooth? In […]

Questions To Ask When Looking For a Care Home

Choosing a residential care home is tough. It’s a big decision with lots of important elements to consider, so preparation is key. As long as you have had a think about what you want to know and made note of what is important it shouldn’t be difficult to make the right choice. Here are some […]

Anal fissures are a pain in your backside- but they don’t have to be forever!

An anal fissure happens when there is a lengthwise split in the rectal tunnel. This will cause you a lot of pain in the anal area. In the worst case, it might lead to the passing of blood while you are relieving yourself! This disorder can be found in all age groups. Types of fissures: […]

Benefits of Using Chlorhexidine with Curasept Products

There are tons of benefits on using the Curasept products with chlorhexidine when it comes to control the plaque and prevent the teeth from gingivitis. Some doctors recommend the combination of 0.05% chlorhexidine digluconate and 0.05% of sodium fluoride as an ideal solution to the patients who have impaired motor skills. It helps in providing […]