A Stable Solution for Your Missing Teeth – Dental Implants

Tooth loss doesn’t mean the end of feeling confident about your looks and enjoying your favourite food. Every patient is different when it comes to tooth replacement options which will work the best. There are a number of choices available nowadays to replace missing teeth which includes bridges, dentures, and dental implants. Patients are often curious about the most stable solution that is almost like having their natural tooth back again. Dental implants Melbourne are one such solution that offers patients with the durable and most reliable way to fill the gap in their smile. With implants, you can count on reliable dentistry which can last for decades or even a lifetime.

What causes jawbone loss in patients who have missed their teeth?

Jaw bone loss is one common side effect seen in patients after they lose their teeth. Absence of permanent teeth leads to an increased chance of resorption of the bone present in the area surrounding the teeth as well as the jawbone. Presence of natural teeth and required density of surrounding jawbone are closely related to each other.

Reasons which may lead to evident jawbone loss in patients who have lost their jawbone include:

  • Patient has suffered from trauma
  • Presence of bridges or dentures in the nearby areas
  • Presence of gum-related disorders such as periodontitis and gingivitis

How do tooth implants Melbourne work?

The main reason for choosing dental implants is that they are so reliable that the implant post is designed to replace the root of the missing tooth that integrates with jawbone becoming a part of your body. Dental implants procedure primarily focuses on offering an alternate solution to missing teeth. The integration of the dental implant can actually slow down or even prevent jaw bone loss which commonly occurs after losing teeth.

In most cases it ensures to prevent further jaw bone loss. This is because of the process known as osseointegration. If a patient undergoes jawbone loss as well as bone loss in the region of the teeth, osseointegration can help the bone to revive and efficiently surround the fixed dental implant. The implant made of Titanium ensures that the surrounding areas get the needed activating forces for improved functioning of the bone around the implant

The dental crown is made of durable ceramic which can withstand all the normal day to day wear and tear. As long as the dental implant is properly cared, it should not require more than occasional adjustment over the years to stay functional.

Dental implants Melbourne are versatile! 

For patients who want to combine the benefits of dental implants with other dentistry such as dentures or fixed dental bridges, dental implants can add stability. Dental implants help eliminate slippage or mobility of dentures and allow the bridges to replace more missing teeth at once potentially avoiding the need for a partial denture.

With the dental implants cost Melbourne which is highly affordable, you can enjoy a number of benefits from preventing loss of jawbone to flaunting a bright smile throughout a lifetime.

Post Author: Clare Louise