6 Self-Help Tips for Fighting Tiredness

Some major causes of tiredness are insufficient sleep, stress, poor diet or other related factors. Try applying these tips to help you restore your energy. In case you are suffering from tiredness, which does not get overwhelmed by sleep or rest, then you may need medical attention. Consult a GP for professional advice. Below are self-help tips to assist you in fighting tiredness:

#1: Eat more

Eating regular healthy snacks and meals every 4 to 5 hours, instead of just one large meal, once or twice a day, is a good way to maintain your energy and strength throughout the day. You can also consider supplementing for vitamins to help boost your energy levels and make you stay at your best at all times. You can consider SynerG supplements for that.

#2: Get moving

You may think exercise is the wrong step to take when fighting tiredness. But, as a matter of fact, undertaking regular exercises will help in reducing the rate at which you experience tiredness in the long run, thus giving you more energy. Even a simple 20-minute walk can give you a large amount of energy, and the more physical activity you do, the more the benefits keeps increasing.

#3: Gain energy by losing weight

If your body is carrying too much weight, it can get very exhausting. It can also put additional tension on your heart, which will lead to tiredness. By losing weight, you will feel more energetic. Apart from just eating healthy meals, the most appropriate method for losing weight and making sure it doesn’t come back is by frequently doing more exercises.

#4: Sleep well

Most people do need to get the required amount of sleep needed to stay active while it’s day.

The Psychiatrists Royal College advises:

  • Going to bed and waking up in the morning at the same time every single day.
  • Not napping when it’s day
  • Making out time to relax very well before going to bed

#5: Boost energy by reducing stress

Stress leads to excess energy loss. Try relaxing during the day, this could be done by:

  • Tai chi or yoga
  • Reading or listening to music
  • Taking work out sessions at the gym
  • Spending some time with friends

#6: Beat fatigue with talking therapies

There are some evidence that talking therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), or counseling can help in fighting tiredness or fatigue which is often caused by anxiety, stress, or low mood. You can contact your GP for advice on how to go about with talking therapies, this will help you make sure you are getting the very best therapy service.

Post Author: Clare Louise