7 Signs That It’s Time to Get Serious About Losing Weight

One day, you wake up, take a good look at yourself in the mirror, and realize that you’ve gained a few pounds. You ask yourself, How did this happen? Does this mean that you need to get real about weight loss?

Weight gain happens slowly, and because you can get really busy, you can fail to notice your body changing. When you’ve got so much going on in life, it’s easy to forgo exercising and eating right.

Stop the guesswork. If any of the seven signs below feel familiar, then it’s about time that you became committed to a weight loss program.

1. Your clothes don’t fit anymore

One day at work, you might notice some discomfort around your midsection. You realize that you’ve been sitting at your desk for much of the day, and your pants have been digging into your nor larger waist. Or, as you get ready to go out with friends for the evening, you find that you can no longer slip on your jacket all the way through, because it’s become tighter on the sleeves.

Not fitting into your usual clothing size is a sure sign that you’ve put on excess weight. That would be your cue to begin making lifestyle changes and exploring your options for achieving a healthier, fitter body.

2. You can no longer do the things you love to do

Are you no longer able to go hiking with your dog? Does dancing with a loved one leave you winded? If the things you frequently do have become uncomfortable, painful, or less enjoyable because you cannot perform movements the way you used to, added weight could be holding you back.

Excess pounds could keep you from sticking to your normal routine and enjoying the activities and experiences that demonstrate how you want to live your life. When you take steps to shed the extra weight, you can go on following your dreams and living your best life.

3. You find it a struggle to exercise

If you suddenly feel self-conscious about your appearance and find it difficult to perform your usual workout routine, these could be indications that you’ve gained some excess weight. The added pounds can make your movements during exercise more challenging.

The weight you gained shouldn’t be an excuse to skip exercising. The key is to stay active by modifying your workout routine to work for your current body and weight. Start with something simple, like walking every day, or trying a low-impact workout like swimming. Just get started, and working out will become more manageable.

4. You snore when sleeping

At times, excess weight can result in obstructive sleep apnea. This is a condition where a person’s breathing repeatedly stops for about 10 seconds or more when asleep. Loud gasping snores can be a symptom of this sleeping disorder.

Sleep apnea results in reduced oxygen in the blood and may awaken a person throughout the night. The most common cause of this obstructive sleep apnea is obesity.

If you often feel tired on most days and someone (like your roommate or spouse) informs you that you snore loudly at night, you may have sleep apnea. See your doctor and talk about what you need to do to start losing weight.

5. You feel pain in your joints

Has there been a noticeable ache in your back, hips, and knees recently? This could be caused by the extra weight you are carrying around.

Excess weight can put pressure on your joints and wear down the tissues around them. As a result, your joints ache and it becomes uncomfortable for you to move.

6. Your doctor says your health is at risk

Did your doctor tell you that you have high cholesterol or high blood pressure during your last checkup? Excess weight, brought about by an increased amount of fat in the body, increases your risk of heart disease as well as type-2 diabetes.

Getting less exercise puts a person at higher risk of developing heart disease compared to individuals who lead a more active lifestyle. Have yourself thoroughly examined and talk to your doctor about how you can get back on the healthier path and what you can do to lower your risk of contracting different diseases and medical conditions.

7. You feel envious of others who are at their ideal weight

Looking at other people who are not currently struggling with excess weight can leave you feeling a twinge of jealousy. Often, this emotion can stem from the experience of seeing that not only do other people look great, but they also feel great. They are confident in their body’s appearance and abilities, as well as happy to do anything they put their mind into.

Weight loss isn’t only about exercising and choosing to eat right. Most times, it also involves recognizing your self-worth and how you have the ability to make positive changes in your own life.

So keep in mind that self-care is important. Eat nutritious food, get plenty of rest, stay active, book a salon appointment, spend time with family and friends, set goals – do what you can to become a better version of yourself. All these can help you on your journey to shedding unnecessary baggage and being truly healthy and happy.

Take the First Step

For weight loss to take place, and for you to achieve that ideal body, you need to stop waiting to start. Putting it off for next week or later in the future only means that you’re not serious about weight loss. There’s no right time to lose weight, so it’s infinitely better to jump right in today and be on your way to your goal.

Even simple things such as going on a short walk and choosing to take the stairs over the elevator can improve your health. The journey to a new you can start now — consult your doctor, visit a wellness center, and make your health your number one priority.


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Post Author: Paul Petersen