All the things you have to know about surrogacy

If you’ve ever had any doubts about surrogacy and egg donations than you’ve come to the right place to make all those doubt disappear.

I know this topic can be a little overwhelming for some, so this is why we’re going to go through it step by step.

Starting with some basics,

What is surrogacy all about?

Surrogacy is nothing but the process where a mother gently offers her uterus to be transferred embryos that’s from another couple.

Couples tend to look for this type of solutions due to different reasons, just like: fertility problems, ethical-social issues, etc.

They seek for surrogacy to give life to the child that they can’t or won’t carry by their own.

What does happen when the surrogate mother just gave birth?

They have to basically renounce to all their rights over the baby they just gave birth to.

It’s just like transference of responsibility.

Where does it all begin?

It has been taking place in the US from starters.

There are a lot of good egg donor agencies that makes sure they have the best candidates for this generous job.

Is the surrogate mother linked to the baby whatsoever?

Yes and no. It depends on the way the baby has been created.

  • That the egg from which the baby is born is from the surrogate mother (which is unusual). This means that the baby is genetically linked to surrogate mother.
  • That the egg from which the baby is born is from the intentional mother that’s not carrying the baby on the belly. This means the baby is not linked to the surrogate mother.

Which women can qualify for this job?

Women with several problems such as:

  • Social exclusion
  • Drug addiction
  • Medical issues

Are the kinds of women that will not be considered for this job.

How can you possibly choose the best surrogate mother for your baby?

It has to be with a lot of factors but the most important one is that the ideas between both parties are clear.

What’s the role of the surrogate mother during the whole process of pregnancy?

The pregnant woman, which is the surrogate mother, is not normally linked to the baby whatsoever as well as for the future.

The surrogate mother serves as something like a “incubator”. They don’t have to ever see or keep in touch with the baby ever in their lives.

Post Author: Danny White