AMA Launches Digital Health Implementation Playbook

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The American Medical Association (AMA) has launched the Digital Health Implementation Playbook to help physicians understand digital health better . They hope this will ease physicians’ anxieties about new medical technologies and lead to quicker adoptions of new innovations.

One worry for physicians, researchers, and decision makers in adopting digital health innovations, AMA said in a statement , was that “adoption and implementation of digital health solutions can be difficult and time-consuming.”

AMA chair-elect Jesse Ehrenfeld said the adoption of digital health solutions could be a challenge for those without a “clear course to success,” with the new playbook meant to help physicians understand healthcare trends better.

“The AMA is committed to making technology an asset, not a burden, and the playbook provides the medical community with widespread access to a proven path for implementing digitally enabled health and care. The playbook’s roadmap is based on institutional knowledge and best practices convened by the AMA from a wide array of experts in the field,” Ehrenfeld said .

The association explained that its playbook was created for care teams, and administrators in medical practices. AMA worked with more than 80 physicians, care team members, health care administrators, patients, and digital health thought leaders to come up with the playbook, which it hopes will motivate the medical community to adopt change faster and more successfully.

The playbook has 12 steps, which the AMA hopes can help physicians in the adoption of digital health solutions.

“As the playbook evolves, it will provide a helpful 12 steps process to guide the implementation of a variety of digital health solutions. The first six steps are fundamental to the implementation of any digital health solution. The subsequent six steps focus on specific digital health solutions and the unique considerations relevant to that specific technology,” AMA explained .

The playbook primarily focuses on remote patient monitoring, which they said could present an opportunity to better understand and manage chronic diseases such as diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma. The book also addresses cardiovascular issues such as chronic heart failure, and is set to benefit cardiovascular professionals such as Simon Stertzer .

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Post Author: Clare Louise