Apply these changes to your life to instantly look younger

Paint your nails

The part of your body that typically discloses your real age isn’t really your face – it’s your hands. Here’s a technique for misleading others about your age: wear nail polish. Together with using jewelry, nail polish provides a distraction from blemishes on your skin and makes you look instantly younger. Make sure you purchase some toxin-free nail polish and you’re good to go.

Consume high-protein foods

When you want hair that looks healthy, you’ve got to start with the essentials. That means consuming a significant quantity of healthy proteins to keep up regular hair growth. Turn back the clock: most females ought to eat about 46 grams of protein a day (even more if you’re pregnant).

Apply sunscreen every day

Turn back the clock: SPF 30 is the gold-standard skin doctors advise. If you live in a particularly sunny environment, use an even higher SPF. Most folks use as little as one-quarter of the suggested dosage. Follow this simple rule of thumb: use a shot-glass worth of sunscreen every time before you leave your home to cover your face, neck, arms, and hands.

Ditch poisonous products

There are so many toxins lurking a conventional products that you should always educate yourself about what you are buying. There is a lot of information out there about natural personal care, especially natural deodorants . These are great to use on your skin instead of conventional products. Another product that should always be bought from a natural brand is natural dishwashing liquid. Conventional dish soap simply contain too many harsh chemicals like SLS, a proven carcinogen. Here’s a short video that will provide you with some more information.

Avoid the over-styling your hair

Younger hair has that youthful shine, but using a flat iron, curling iron, or a dryer could result in boring, flat strands that add years to your general appearance. Many people have severely damaged their hair and now don’t know what to do. Again, here’s how you can turn back the clock: declare a two-day-a-week heat-free vacation for your hair. Let your hair air-dry, or even skip washing your hair entirely.

Use lotion on your hands

Your hands’ skin is pretty thin compared to the rest of your body. This means that wrinkles might appear first on your hands, even before they appear on your face. Turn back the clock: massage an SPF 30 moisturizer onto the backs of your hands every morning.

Stop eating any foods that stain your teeth

Dark and sticky foods like BBQ or soy sauce are some of the worst stain-causing perpetrators. Rather than using BBQ sauce on your chicken bust, opt for a fruity mango salsa sauce or fresh herbs instead.

Workout on a regular basis

Exercise improves healthy blood circulation, which permits your skin to look its best. Plus, a new study found that a healthy workout may reverse skin aging. When you’re in form, you naturally look more youthful. Reverse the clock: get used to exercising 30 minutes per day. Adhere to these steps to make exercise a long lasting behavior.

Watch out over your sodium intake

Consuming salty foods can make your body accumulate more water as a response to the sodium. This will result in a puffy appearance, particularly in the area below your eyes. Turn back the clock: eliminate the puffiness by searching for concealed sources of sodium on the labels of your food. Salt lurks all over.  If you’re having a lot of ready meals or are eating out a lot then most likely your sodium consumption is way above average.

Rinse with mouth wash daily

These bacteria-killing rinses purge away bits on and in between your teeth. At the same time they clean up gum tissue. Turn back the clock: rinse with a man-made as well as alcohol-free dye-free mouthwash that contains fewer chemicals.

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