Are Sober Living Houses for Drug Addicts Better Than Rehabs?

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The most pressing challenge for recovering addicts is returning to the real world. Returning to the environment where the addiction started can be really difficult. This is because of the near impossible task of avoiding drugs and alcohol. Alcohol is a part of everyday life in the society. With this fact, personally maintaining a sober environment can prove difficult for recovering addicts.

There are work parties to attend. There are weddings and funerals too. At such gatherings, it can be really awkward for a recovering addict. They may get a bad feeling when everyone else has a drink and they do not. The earlier this awkwardness is admitted, the better it can be handled.

Owning up to the truth sure makes life easier. For starters, a non alcoholic beverage can make you feel less weird. You can bring it along to such gatherings and parties. Bringing flavored sparkling water also helps. Chances are, you will find one or more other sober persons. Other ideas include having the phone number of a supportive person.

For many, sober living housing is a much better alternative to rehab facilities. Though newer, different addicts and convalescent addicts prefer sober living housing. But what are the differences between both programs? On what grounds can they be compared?

Sober living housing is designed to ensure the recovery of drug addicts. There are so many sober living homes in the world today. They make provision for a drug and alcohol-free environment. They prevent the likelihood of the rebound cycle; a cycle that is easily triggered by changing from one addiction to another. What we must note is the fact that sober living homes are halfway houses. They are called this because the first stage of treatment is not covered by the program; a  stage that is mostly characterized by drug therapy.

However, these homes will ensure the transition back to normalcy is achieved. Their focus is to improve the quality of life. They do not offer detox or provide treatment. They do not offer counseling either. Sober living housing is effective after the first critical stage of recovery has been completed. Hence, they cannot serve as a replacement for rehab.

There is enough proof that life after addiction can be very challenging. An alcohol and drug free living environment offers help in this regard. However, for the main addiction issues, an adequate rehab program is the solution. When both programs are merged the right way, there can be complete recovery.

Rehab tackles the addiction, sober living housing tackle the temptation. They are not mutually exclusive. Upon completion of detox and therapy, sober living facilities can then come to mind. The goal of the latter is to discourage substance abuse. With the out of sight out of mind formula, the temptation of relapse is eradicated. One key attribute of sober living facilities is peer support. This involves being around like minds, people with similar issues; some of whom started their recovery process earlier than you did. With their support, you can conquer addiction. This attribute is not found in rehab programs.

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