Ask these questions before opting a weight loss treatment

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Obesity crisis has increased rapidly over the last few years. This is due to the modern lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits that people struggle to lose weight. After battling for countless days and months they finally come up with a decision to undergo a weight loss treatment in Dubai . But many times, they get confused with whether they should proceed for the surgery or is it the right option for them. Well, weight loss surgeries often work as compared to the other methods, but first, you need to have a complete knowledge about it.  So, before getting ready for any kind of weight loss treatment you should ask these questions to your surgeon or a doctor.

Why should I opt weight loss surgery?

Weight loss surgery is an option when all other techniques fail. Hence, no surgeon will suggest you go for surgery as a first option. Secondly, you should have a BMI equal to or above 35 with conditions that indicate obesity, to qualify for a weight loss surgery. If both these conditions are in your favour, you are applicable for a Bariatric surgery.

Is Bariatric surgery, minimally invasive?

Different types of Bariatric surgery have different procedures. Some of them are invasive while some are less invasive even some requires no invasion. Well, yes, minimally invasive surgery is possible as well. The weight loss surgeries than involve less invasion has many advantages. These are less painful and allows speedy recovery. But there are certain risks too.

Are there any risks involved?

There are different types of Bariatric surgery. Be it lap band, gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, or Reshape balloon Dubai . All these surgery types come with their own risks and possible complications. So, before you opt for any surgery first understand everything about it and make yourself clear.

How fast is the weight loss possible and do we regain the lost weight?

After the surgery, patients shed pounds rapidly for the next two years. It is totally up to them to maintain it and follow a healthy diet routine. If an individual eats food that is oily or high calorie foods or they eat more than they should, they will surely regain their weight.

Should I go for weight loss surgery if I have obesity-related health conditions?

You can choose weight loss surgery option but first, you will have to get your heart and lungs checked. Evaluation of your heart and lungs in detailed will only decide whether you are a good candidate. If not, you will be advised to lose a little weight before you rethink of undergoing weight loss surgery. Moreover, if you have been suffering from depression or stress, you will also need to get your mental check-up as well.

Will I need to change my diet routine after the surgery?

Yes, Bariatric surgeries will only be effective if you follow a healthy lifestyle post-surgery. Liquid diet is recommended for 2 weeks. You can then get back to the regular food gradually in the next 3 months. You will have to take a nutritional diet and healthy food supplements throughout your life to maintain a weight loss. You must cooperate as the success of obesity surgery depends on how well you follow the diet and exercise plans recommended by your nutritionists.

How long will it take to get back to a normal routine?

The longest of the procedure will not be more than 1-3 hours or 4-6 hours, while reshape balloon take just 30 minutes. If everything works well, you only must stay in the hospital for half an hour to maximum 3 days. In case of any complications, you may need to stay for a month or more. Addition to this, it will take approximately 3 days to 6 weeks to recover depending upon the surgery and your activeness.

How long I must wait to conceive?

It is usually not recommended to conceive at least before a year post-treatment.

Is weight loss surgery reversible?

Every Bariatric surgery has different procedures and techniques. You must consult your doctor to know whether the surgery you have chosen is reversible or not.

Can I get a slim body after obesity surgery?

Certainly not. The main aim of the Bariatric surgeries is to handle the immediate risks involved with obesity. You will not get a slim body or get into a healthy range of weight, but with your wish, you get close to a healthy weight. This all depends on how well you follow after-routine.

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