Before you GIVE UP on your Relationship, Read This!

Have you been fighting a lot with your partner?

Consider yourself lucky; when there are constant arguments or fights in a relationship, it is because either one of you wishes to save the bond. You get possessive about your partner when you see him with someone else and thus, fight with him. You feel bad when your partner’s family members treat her in the wrong way and thus, you fight with her. You want the time and attention of your partner because you love him and thus, you argue with him. You want your partner to act in a certain way because that would make you feel happy because you are mad about her and thus, you argue with her.

The problem is not the fight or argument between two people in a relationship; the problem is the silence. When there is absolutely no communication between the two of you, it is not because you both love and respect each other and wish this relationship to work; it is because you both are not used to each other’s presence, time and efforts anymore and thus, it does not matter if the other person is around or acting to make you feel good about yourself or not.

If you are in the latter situation and you are feeling sick in the stomach by reading all this, we would want you to calm down first. Maybe it is time for you to get into the concept of couples therapy  and get some help for yourself. When you consult a professional counselor, he or she is able to give the most perfect solution to you. Thanks to this solution, you and your partner are able to fall in love with each other once again and stick to this relationship forever, as promised.

Post Author: Clare Louise