Dentists And Dental Health: Why Is It Important To See Your Dentist Regularly?

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To maintain good dental health, you should visit your dentist every six months to a year for dental checkup. Dentists in Bricktown New Jersey encourage parents to take their children for their first dental appointment as soon as the first tooth comes in. You may have wondered; what are dentists really looking for and why do they take such great importance in dental checkups?

Periodontal Diseases

This is one of the most common dental health issues that dentists Bricktown NJ deal with. It is often identified by the patient’s teeth appearing longer than usual. This condition results from loss of bone which ultimately leads to loss of teeth.

The dentist will carry out a full periodontal examination to determine the degree of your periodontal disease. In this examination, an instrument that resembles a little ruler is used to measure your gums. Measurements will be taken of the root surface above your gum line, if any. The space between the gum and tooth (pocket or sulcus) is also measured.

Other things that a dentist Bricktown will check for in this assessment are the degree of tartar, any looseness or mobility and bleeding. This data is what the dentist will use to determine your treatment after checking your health history.

The dentist may recommend treatment for gingivitis if the exam shows that you have bleeding gums but no bone loss. Gingivitis is a periodontal disease but in its earliest stage. With proper treatment, dentist in Bricktown NJ can reverse this condition and prevent it from advancing to active periodontal disease.


You must have heard the word cavities so many times that you imagine it’s the only thing dentists look for in your mouth. You have a cavity when there is a hole in your tooth. This hole is a result of bacteria producing acid when feeding on carbohydrates. The acid is what dissolves your tooth enamel.

Your mouth naturally has bacteria by virtue of the fact that different food items pass through it. Therefore,dentist’sadvice you to brush your teeth twice every day and also to avoid sugary foods like snacks as these put you at greater risk of tooth decay.

There are other sources of acid that can stimulate the expansion of your cavity. These include energy drinks, carbonation from soda and acid reflux which make the enamel even weaker.

It’s only with regular dental visits that dentist in Brick NJ can discover any tooth cavity early and fill it up. The most common way for identifying a cavity is a visual exam where the doctor checks for the presence of any chalky color on your tooth and also checking for soft areas using a special instrument. Other methods that the doctor can use include x-rays and use of laser fluorescence.

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