Difference Between Pre and Post Workout Supplements

Supplement such as HypOxygen supplemental oxygen is an essential source of energy, stamina and endurance. You secrete energy before you begin with any exercise and then you lose it all after you are done with your exercise. And to anchor this energy, you need supplements. Honestly, your body gives you signs. You know your body well and hence you must also know what the essentials are for pre and post workout. To sum this up, supplements these days are divided into two dimensions – Pre workout and post workout. 

The following points will explain to you the difference between pre and port workout supplements:

  1. Pre and Post Workout Energy Levels

You feel a lot more energetic and feel like working out few extra hours before you begin with your fitness regime. This situation gets evolved due to the accumulated energy levels. So, before you begin with your exercise, your energy levels are quite high. Pre work supplements help you maintain this energy level so you don’t feel exhausted while working out. Post exercise the energy is drained out and you start feeling weak and lethargic. Post workout supplements help you to retain the energy level. They act as anchor to sustain energy at a certain point so despite doing a lot of forceful forms, your body does not feel weak and lethargic. As a matter of fact, you feel more energetic throughout the day. 

  1. Pre and Post Workout Oxygen Levels

There are certain forms of exercise that are conducted at higher altitude thereby making the atmosphere hypoxic (lower level of oxygen). For instance, rock climbing and mountaineering are two forms of adventure sports that require hypoxic training. The pre workout supplements here assist you in adapting to the physiological conditions outside. It stimulates red blood cell levels thereby making a smooth passage of oxygen to pass through your body so you do not pant much while undergoing hypoxic training. Supplement such as HypOxygen supplemental oxygen enables you to sustain these levels so after training you do not feel exhausted. 

  1. Pre and Post Workout Stress Levels

Stress is an inevitable part of life. You tend to grow more stressed while doing any vigorous exercise. The reason is you have a target to achieve and if this target is not achieved you get stressed easily. This further puts a lot of pressure on your mind and body too as the chemicals within your body are imbalanced. Pre workout supplements enhance the level of endorphins to keep away from stress related factors. Post workout supplements maintain this level to ease down immediately after you achieve your target.     

Post Author: Paul Petersen