Do Spider Veins Go Away on Their Own?

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Spider veins, clinically referred to as varicose veins, most commonly develop in a person’s legs. They occur when blood pools in the legs rather than circulating back through the body toward the heart. Pooling blood causes existing veins to stretch and expand and leads to the development of new spider veins.

Sometimes spider veins develop due to weakened valves inside the arteries and sometimes they occur for other reasons. Due to their undesirable lumpy appearance, painful symptoms and heightened risk of blood clots, the first question most people with spider veins ask is whether or not they will simply go away on their own with time.

Will Spider Veins Disappear on Their Own?

Most often and simply put, the answer is no. In certain cases when spider veins develop during pregnancy or as the result of weight gain, they will sometimes go away after the pregnancy ends or when an individual loses weight. This, however, is not even a guarantee.

You can try to prevent spider veins from developing or worsening by maintaining a healthy weight, exercising, not wearing high heels and avoiding spending long periods of time standing or sitting with poor posture.

Effective Spider Vein Treatment in Miami

If living with varicose veins has left you feeling tired and achy, caused pain or heaviness in your lower extremities, put you at risk of developing a life-threatening blood clot, impacted your confidence or if spider veins have affected your lifestyle in another way, you do not have to suffer with the symptoms.

Our experienced doctors at Abella Health can help you find relief with spider vein treatment in Miami. If spider veins are keeping you from leading your best life, contact us for a consultation today.

Post Author: Paul Petersen