Get Shinier and Thicker Looking Hair with Progaine Shampoo

Progaine hair products are developed and researched by the scientists of Rogaine. Progaine shampoo is not used for any hair loss treatment but it is used to give shine and thickness to the hair which has lost it because of the use of other harmful chemicals. Thus it does give hair a new start. In addition to cleaning of the scalp, this shampoo penetrates deep to the root of the hair, providing it proteins to grown thicken, longer and shinier. It is basically used by women who have fine and thin hair, which gets sticky and clumsy after few hours of shampoo. It adds a spark to the clean hair. As it provides protein to the hair root, let’s know about certain other ingredients it provides to the hair.

Composition of the shampoo

Main composition of progaine shampoo is the proteins it provides for the nourishment of the hair.

  • Keratin– which acts on the damaged parts of the hair works on the hair cuticles by binding them and leading to frizz free hair.
  • Jojoba protein– hydrates the hair shaft, thus, increasing the moisture holding capacity of the hair.
  • Wheat protein– increases the water retention ability of the hair.
  • Soy protein– makes hair strong enough to fight against all the breakage.

Advantages of using this shampoo

  • It does not contain minoxidil, which is one of its greatest advantages.
  • Safe for colour treated hair
  • Non sticky, which probably gives hair look thicker
  • Has a pleasant fragrance, thus making hair attractive by its beautiful fragrance
  • Removes all the heavy deposits left on the hair because of the other shampoos or products used

Thus, this shampoo is one of the top recommended hair products. In short, it is quick and cheaper way to get good looking and richer looking hair on the thinner areas of the scalp.

Post Author: Danny White