Hair transplant versus Biofibre hair implant

After thorough and long research, both scientific and medical, Biofiber Hair Implant and Automatic Biofiber Hair Implant has been developed. Biofiber Hair Implantation is a procedure through which it is possible to obtain natural hair thickening immediately for make and female baldness (alopecia). It is a light aesthetic surgery.

Effectiveness and Safety of the Procedure

  • Biocompatible materials are used for the safety of the raw materials that are focused on medical use.
  • The implant can be totally reversed from the exclusive extractable root.
  • Long lasting aesthetic result is ensured by exclusive instruments and the correct procedure performed.
  • Qualified and experienced doctors perform the surgery.
  • Biofiber Hair Implant protocol is followed

Benefits of Biofiber Hair Implant

  • The result is immediate with natural hair
  • The patient gets immediate phycological comfort after the procedure
  • The technique of the surgery is soft
  • There is no downtime for the patient
  • In a few hours, the patient is going to get high hair density like 800 hair in an hour
  • The procedure is done as an outpatient
  • The procedure is simple and quick
  • The procedure is reversible and painless
  • A patient will have an active lifestyle after the procedure
  • The patient will achieve progressive and gradual hair thickening
  • The procedure is not costly and is affordable
  • The patient will age, but not their hair
  • Hair will not turn white with the aging of the patient
  • The procedure can be performed for Biofiber Hair Transplant alone. Also, the procedure can be done with a combination of other medical or surgical treatments.


  • Some re-implants might be needed for maintaining the desired result
  • Hygiene of the scalp should be maintained as well as aftercare
  • A person suffering from diabetes, lupus, hepatitis, autoimmune diseases, HIV, etc. cannot go through the procedure
  • The procedure is not recommended for a patient who is suffering from scalp disease

You can check out the costs and compare them by clicking on the link hair transplant cost comparison.

Post Author: Danny White