How to Avoid the High Cost of Memory Care Facilities in Perris CA

One of the most common complaints about memory care facilities in Perris CA is that they charge high prices.  The costs incurred for putting your loved one in a memory care facility depends on many different factors including community, service and types of facilities offered. For some, expect to pay $6,000 monthly or more.

No doubt, this steep price can be a huge burden to an average American family. This is the more reason why so many people are asking the question: why is it so expensive? For others, they seek ways to pay less. Many people get put off by the steep price, and as a result, they go out to look for a cheaper alternative.

The good news is that there are ways you can cut avoid the steep price. The key is determining which services you or your loved ones are willing to pay for. Here are some ideas on how to cut the high cost of memory care facilities without cutting into the things you truly value for your aging parents.

  • Read the fine print. Many memory care facilities in Perris CA charge a base monthly fee, with an additional charge for extra service that will make resident enjoy a more comfortable stay. These additional charges can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars monthly, depending on the community and selected services and amenities. Make sure you get acquainted with the amenities and services included in the base fee of the facility and what’s not.
  • Choose features wisely. Memory care facilities in Perris CA invest heavily to provide residents with state of the art amenities. However, your aging parent may not need some features. Is access to an onsite beauty place essential? Do you need an exotic eating place for your loved one? If not, consider choosing a community with a la carte option to choose fewer amenities and lower monthly rate. All in all, the essential services in a memory care facility are those that have to do with physical and emotional health.
  • Do further research. Just as apartments and hotels are costly in urban areas so are memory care facilities. You can’t compare the price of a senior facility in an urban area to the one in a rural area. If possible, look into memory care facilities that don’t charge a high rate because of their location. The price of memory care depends largely on the location.
  • Consider sharing housing cost without moving. If your aging parent is comfortable with their current environment, perhaps sharing the home with a friend of similar age can be a great idea. Not only will you save money but this might help prevent the major issues facing most aging parents in the country today: isolation. By sharing the home with a friend, your aging parent has a companion to gist with.

The cost of memory care facilities in Perris CA takes into account a wide range of amenities and 24/7 care staff who assist with the care of residents.

Post Author: Sheri Croll