How to Prepare for Oral Surgery

So, your dentist has already recommended that you need to undergo oral surgery to fix a specific issue. Maybe some teeth have to be removed, or you are having gum surgery. If you know that you will undergo oral surgery, then you need to prepare yourself so that you can undergo the procedure without any complications and have a speedy recovery.

In fact, the whole process can be a lot easier if you put in a little preparation. You may be at ease if you know what to expect and how your dentist in Laval will conduct the entire procedure. Here are some helpful tips that will help you prepare for oral surgery.

Discuss the Surgery in Detail with Your Dentist

Quite often, patients will sit back and relax while meeting with the oral surgeon about the oral surgery. They will listen to the surgeon talk about the anesthesia, operation, and recovery time but won’t ask any questions. Most of them tend to think that they will appear silly when they ask questions.

However, the best thing you can do while preparing for the operation is to try and understand everything about it. Don’t leave anything unspoken during your meeting with the oral surgeon. If you are undergoing any medical procedure or have a health condition that you haven’t discussed yet, make sure that you let the surgeon know about it.

If you have anxiety about any part of the whole procedure such as the type of anesthesia that will be used, don’t be afraid to ask how safe it is. Keep in mind that the more the dentist knows about you, the more you avoid certain complications that may arise during the operation.

Organize for a Ride

If you are getting sedation, then you will need someone to drive you home after the procedure. Typically, anesthesia can lead to impaired judgment which makes it unsafe for you to drive after the operation. Therefore, make sure that you ask a family member or a friend to pick you up after your oral surgery.

If there is nobody that you know who can help you, consider using public transportation or a cab. If you are still uncomfortable with any of these options, then ask your dentist near AutoRoute 440 Laval if it’s possible for you to wait in their office until the time it’s okay to drive your car.

Don’t Eat or Drink Anything

You aren’t expected to eat, drink or smoke at least 12 hours before your operation. Typically, you shouldn’t eat or drink anything after midnight of the evening just before your oral surgery. Smoking is also discouraged at least twelve hours before and at least 24 hours after the procedure.

Following these instructions is critical since it lowers the risk of aspiration which is a rare but severe complication which might arise when anesthesia fills your lungs with what is contained in your stomach. You can still brush or floss before the operation but make sure that you don’t swallow the water.

Dress for the Surgery

Lastly, make sure that you dress for the surgery by wearing comfortable clothing. Find something that is a little bit old and loose that provides maximum comfort, and you won’t mind making it dirty. You should also avoid putting on makeup or wearing contact lenses and any jewelry while going for the operation. Carry some lip balm or chapstick that you will apply after the surgery since your lips will be dry.

Post Author: Sheri Croll