Hydroponics – Ideal Conditions allow for Bigger Crop Yields

Hydroponics is an interesting concept for sure as who could ever imagine plants being able to grow without soil? And yet this is what hydroponics is about.

It’s not a new concept either, civilizations have made use of hydroponic growing techniques throughout history, and the hanging gardens of Babylon are an example of Hydroponic’ culture. So while hydroponics is an ancient method of growing plants, there have been developments in this interesting area of agriculture.

Providing Nutrients in Sufficient Quantities

There are actually lots of variations with hydroponic gardening, but essentially plants are getting precisely what nutrients they need and these are perfectly pH balanced. Unlike plants which have to send down roots to forage around for nutrients, with hydroponic gardening together with a growing tent, hydroponic gardening becomes more efficient.

These grow tents come with lights to grow certain plants throughout the year. With hydroponic plants, very little effort is required from the plant, and instead of the roots using up a lot of energy to find nutrients, that energy can be put into producing plants with more leaves, more flowers and more fruits and vegetables.

Flood and Drain System Optimises Growing

If you want to see generous yields from your plants, the IWS flood and drain system is used to get all that much- needed oxygen down to the roots. These flood and drain systems are designed for regular flooding, allowing for a burst of nutrients and oxygen to the plant which ensures quick grown and bigger yields. When it’s time for the plants to be fed they are flooded with feed and once feeding is over, the feeding pots are drained of food.

Get Rid of Hydroponic Odours

Effective though hydroponics is, it doesn’t come without drawbacks – bad sulphur-like odours which can actually be quite potent and a good filter can help with eliminating these odours.

When you are looking for hydroponics supplies for sale, the Rhino filter is a good buy simply because these carbon filters do a good job at filtering out unpleasant hydroponic smells. The filter lasts for up to 2 years before it will need to be replaced. Both the Pro and the more budget-friendly Hobby carbon filters are 100% genuine and are made from the best virgin activated carbon in the world – Australian RC412.

There are many good reasons to go in for hydroponics instead of the usual soil-growing way. Being bothered less by pests and weeds is one big advantage, and simply providing plants with the ideal growing conditions and relying on a dependable crop yield is the other.

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