Improved Anti-Aging – Shark Tank Miracle Moisturizer

Could Shark Tank miracle moisturizer give you the radiant skin and a beautiful youthful complexion you desire?

The best skin care products are those that use the purest, most natural products available. These, combined with a healthy balanced diet, healthy lifestyle choices and the right attitude to life, will ensure your skin looks the best it possibly can be.

What many people don’t consider, or overlook, is that what goes onto our skin is as equally important as the food we put inside our body. Skin plays an incredibly important role in our lives. It not only protects our insides from the outside but we also use it to eliminate toxins, and for thermoregulation. Skin also has a very high absorption capacity, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage as it will absorb both beneficial and harmful substances.

Unfortunately, on the subject of toxins, not all skin care products are created equal. There are several common ingredients in over the counter and even some top products that are not particularly healthy for your skin. Pick up almost any bottle or jar of moisturizing skin care product and you’ll find most of them contain propylene glycol . Pick up a bottle of brake fluid or industrial anti-freeze and you’re also holding a propylene glycol containing product. This compound can cause a great deal of harm to skin and can cause drying and rashes as well as aging.

Lauryl sulphates are corrosive ingredients used in products like engine de-greasers and industrial strength cleaning solutions. They’re also used in many personal hygiene products from skin care to shampoos, shaving gels, and toothpaste. These compounds can be very irritating on mucous membranes and eyes. They’ve also been known to cause urinary tract infections.

Parabens have been implicated in breast cancer. However, they’re a common preservative in most personal care products and shampoos.

Undoubtedly the best skin care products are those made from raw and natural ingredients. If they’re also organic, so much the better. Raw cocoa butter for example is excellent for skin care, as are cold-pressed oils. These products contain many essential nutrients that the skin is able to absorb, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fatty acids.

Why are these ingredients beneficial? Antioxidants fight off aging free radicals, reduce inflammation, and can even assist with healing scar tissue. Collagen in particular is susceptible to free radical damage leading to excessive wrinkles and scar tissue. Minerals like sulfur are also important for the health of these connective and structural tissues. Vitamins A, C and E are naturally moisturizing with healing and soothing properties.

How these ingredients are used in skin care products like the one featured in the S hark Tank face cream episode is also important. Many of the natural nutrients in them don’t stand up to extreme heat and products made with them should not be manufactured at temperatures of less than 40C/104F. Cold pressed olive oil for example contains raw Vitamin E, great for reducing fine lines and wrinkles but it’s also very light and heat sensitive. Exposure to both greatly reduces its nutritional value.

Post Author: Danny White