Mission: Spray Tan

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Are you wanting to go bronze? Are you going to spray tan? Is this your first time or are you just wondering if you’re spray tanning the right way ? Read on.

So, there are two types of spray tan- you can spray tan yourself using a spray tan bottle in front of a mirror or you can visit a salon and get a professional beautician or a spray tan booth machine to do your spray tan for you.

What type of spray tan you should go for depends on what you’re looking for.

If you don’t have sufficient funds to splash out at a salon then a spray tan bottle is the best option for you.

And, if you feel awkward about undressing in front of the beautician at the salon, by either going nude or wearing a swimsuit, then using a spray tan bottle will be a much more enjoyable and uplifting experience for you.

But, if the awkwardness and money doesn’t bother you and you’re looking for a speedy, longer-lasting, flawless and no-fuss tan then the salon is the best place for you.

Whichever spray tan option you choose, here are some tips to help you achieve that satisfying bronze glow:

Preparing The Night Before:

  • Take a Shower: Remember you won’t be able to have a shower for at least 4 hours after the procedure.
  • Exfoliate
  • Don’t use body lotion
  • Shave: Shaving your legs will exfoliate them. DO NOT shave on the day of the procedure as this can cause a rash to develop on the skin after having a spray tan.
  • Do not use makeup
  • Wear loose clothing after the procedure: This is to avoid getting the solution on your clothes after the procedure.

Preparing Just before:

  • Don’t use any body lotion: This will create a barrier between the fake tan solution and your skin.
  • Don’t use any deodorant
  • Don’t use perfume: Perfume can alter the pH balance and disrupt the flawlessness of the tan.
  • Don’t use makeup
  • Wear loose clothing after the procedure: This is to avoid getting the solution on your clothes after the procedure.

The actual procedure (spraying cold brown liquid onto your skin) is a pretty straight-forward process. Just remember to enjoy it and relax.

After the procedure, don’t take a shower for at least 4-8 hours; wear loose clothing to avoid losing some of the tan solution onto your clothing and don’t use stripping body lotions and products. If you find that your tan is getting darker than you want it to be- take a shower (if more than 4 hours has passed since the procedure). It is normal for some of the colour to come out in your first shower but the longer you wait; the more your skin will absorb the solution.

 Always consult your local salon for any advice and most importantly, remember to enjoy your new bronze glow whether self-achieved or via a salon.

Post Author: Clare Louise