Reasons why you need to lose weight.

Oh I going to start today, no let me just eat this ice cream today, tomorrow I will cut it out, no, not today…… Postponing the time to start out in curbing your junk food consumption habit is silently and slowly killing you. With each delay in starting out on taking the steps to lose weight, you are increasing further the damage fats are causing to your health. And may I share this with you, you are not acting in the love of your body if you are not conscious of your weight or you are comfortable being overweight.

Trying different ways of losing weight like a 7 day diet plan to lose 10 pounds with a supervision of a nutritionist is a great way to start.

Probably you are not aware of the danger of too much fat in your body, perhaps telling you the danger effects of fat accumulation to your health will make you sit tight with dieting and cut down on your excess weight.

Reduced blood passways.

Have you ever wondered where fats store up in your body? Okay, I know I am getting fat but I don’t know where fat is being stored. Will it interest you if I tell you that fats are accumulated on the walls of blood tubes? So what is its implication- fats accumulated on artery walls reduces and narrows blood flow, this makes difficult proper blood circulation in the body and places more pressure on the heart to pump blood. Just imagine holding a pipe with layers of gum on its inner walls, how will it feel when you want to have water run through the pipe? You will have to apply more pressure right? Similarly, that is what happens in narrow blood tubes- reduced blow flow.

Uncaring to your heart.

Being fat is being uncaring and being unthankful to your heart, how?  You are placing more stress and pressure on your heart to pump blood. Remember the fat accumulation discussed in point one above. The heart is placed under more pressure to pump blood. This overtime reduces the effectiveness of the heart. So you are at risk of developing heart failure , stroke or hypertension (high blood pressure). So if you are wondering what brings about heart diseases in people, then here is your answer. Go and work on losing your body weight and give more care and attention to your heart to make it last longer.

Increased tiredness.

Getting tired easily goes alongside with being fat. Don’t let those fats stored up in your body prevent you from doing those activities you’ve always wanted to do. Being fat could make you feel old too early( old age is marked by increased strength loss). It could be quite lonely if everyone is outdoor engaging in one activity or the other but you couldn’t. Begin the quest to lose weight now, and regain the feeling of being youngOver


Sweaty body, phew smell.

As a fat person, you will sweat more. This could be quite worst during a hot weather period. You don’t want to be giving off an offensive smell when around people, so you’ve got to cut down on your junk food consumption and skim off fats from your body.

Not able to secure your dream job?

I don’t know why they didn’t pick me during the interview but it did go well,  why, they are just a bunch of cheating jerks! The truth be told, your excess weight could be the reason why you didn’t get your dream job. Work on losing your weight loss and secure your dream job.

Post Author: Danny White