Simple ways to remove Whiteheads:

It’s always a paint to have whiteheads on the skin. It doesn’t look nice and with time they turn into blackheads and eventually acne that can further damage the skin as well. These are one of the most basic types of acne lesions and are also called as closed comedones.

What are whiteheads?

It’s a myth that whiteheads can occur only on the face, the truth is It can occur in any part of the body, but torso and face are the most common areas. We all have sebaceous glands that release natural oils known as sebum on the surface of the skin.We often see those WHITEHEADS ON NOSE

A whitehead usually develops when the sebum, skin cells and other impurities make the pores get clogged. Bacteria that have been living on the outer surface of the skin gets attracted to clogged pore and it starts to grow. Eventually, the skin area can also get inflamed. When these large follicles remain under the skin, it is going to look like a white bump that is raised over the skin and is called a white head.

If the enlarged follicle remains trapped under the skin’s surface, it will appear as a raised white bump called a white head.

How to remove whiteheads?

It is crucial that people wear sunscreen that has an SPF of 15 or higher on a daily basis as it helps with protecting the skin from the sensitivity. Here are the top simple and easy ways that can help you get rid of these nasty whiteheads:

  • Get facial steam:

When you get facial skin tone, it helps in opening up the pores. If you are affected with whiteheads, just boil some water and transfer it to a deep bowl. Then hold your face just a little above the bowl, you can cover your head with a towel so that the steam doesn’t escape. After two to three minutes of steam, you can use a gentle scrub and will notice all of the whiteheads being removed easily.

  • Apple cider vinegar

Take a tablespoon of ACV and mix with eight tablespoons of water. Then after washing your face, just wipe the affected area with this mix on cotton. The antimicrobial and antibacterial properties will reduce the inflammation.

  • Use honey:

Hone is also high in antibacterial properties. Apply directly on the affected area for fifteen minutes and wash it off in 20 minutes. Not only will it remove whiteheads, but it is also the best moisturizer for your skin and will brighten it up with first use.

  • Sugar scrub:

Every kitchen has this simple ingredient. Just take a tablespoon of normal white sugar and add glycerine and olive oil to it. Mix well and gently scrub your skin with it for one minute. Leave it on for five minutes and wash off. Make sure you are not harsh to your skin while scrubbing.

Some of the SHILAJIT BENEFITS FOR FEMALE also includes natural cure for whiteheads.These are some of the simplest ways that can help you with getting rid of whiteheads and making your skin smooth and acne free.

Post Author: Danny White