The need to declare your doctor

As part of the “coordinated care path”, health insurance asks you to choose and declare your doctor. This is usually your GP, even if it is not an obligation (you can also choose a specialist). The choice of a GP is important because it is the doctor who is consulted most often. However, you will sometimes have to consult several before finding the one that suits you. We offer below several objective and subjective criteria to help you choose well. In order to understand about the Medical Condition , you should always take the help of medical professionals.

The criteria to be taken into account

To choose a GP, you need to consider several elements that you can easily check from the first consultation. Before you even meet the doctor, you can judge the telephone reception, the ease of obtaining an appointment and the accessibility of the practice. This last point can be important, for example for people with disabilities. During the consultation, you can get an idea of ​​the following points.

  • The punctuality of the doctor in relation to the appointment time
  • The sense of contact does this doctor inspire you with confidence? Can you tell him about your personal or professional problems?

It is very important to consider the following objective criteria  

  • Cabinet and doctor hygiene disposable paper on the examination table, hand washing, etc.
  • Independence of the doctor from the pharmaceutical industry is his practice full of samples and medicines, or pens bearing the laboratories logo?
  • His ability to listen does he let you express yourself or does he interrupt you systematically? Does it explain the diagnosis and the content of the prescription (dosage, side effects)?
  • The price of the consultation is this doctor in sector 1 (contracted) or 2 (free fee)? Does it accept patients who benefit from CMU?

Note, sector 1 or 2 must be posted in the waiting room. You can also choose a doctor according to this criterion on the Health Insurance website (link below).

  • Doctor’s availability does him / she makes home visits or not? Is the office open on Saturdays and evenings?
  • The drafting of the ordinance
  • The network of specialists does this generalist have a network of competent specialists to whom he can guide you?

Declare your doctor

Health Insurance asks you to choose and declare your doctor in order to be reimbursed as part of the “coordinated care program”. You can opt for the doctor of your choice   family doctor, general practitioner or specialist, contracted or not. You must then report it to your health insurance fund using a paper form or on the Internet. Thereafter, you are free to change your GP, without conditions to fulfill and without having to justify yourself. All you have to do is make a new declaration with your health insurance fund.

You must make a new statement  

  • If you change your doctor or move.
  • If your doctor stops working, changes activity or moves out.

Post Author: Danny White