Tips for Building Your Skin Care Routine

If you want to build a perfect skin care routine that will give you a youthful look and more importantly, beautiful skin, you need to set some rules and stick by them. It isn’t that hard to kick your skincare routine into high gear with a bit of a proper push.

With that in mind, here are a couple of useful pimple-preventing and blemish-busting tips to get a radiant and flawless skin in a short while.

1. Wash Your Face Before Sleeping Time

Your face gets full of grime during the day, so washing it before you go to bed is mandatory. It also provides the necessary hydration your face needs on a daily basis. In case you’re too tired to move, stashing cleansing wipes near your bed might just do the trick as well.

Go for fragrance-free, super gentle cloths, as they are formulated for sensitive and dry skin and do an excellent job at removing dirt.

2. Suding Is a Must

Use a dime-size amount of cleanser to wash your face for about 30 seconds, as that’s the time it takes to fully remove oil and dirt off your face. It’s important to use the right face cleanser though since you don’t want to do more damage than good.

Use only those cleansers that suit your skin type. Make sure that you wash off all your cleanser. Rinse with tepid water until your skin feels smooth and clean. Avoid hot water, as it dries out your skin.

3. Be Gentle

Avoid scrubbing your skin too hard, as that leaves it red and rough. Harsh washcloths and scrubs can cause irritation so the best thing to do is using your hands instead, but make sure your hands are clean.

Most cleansers work best if you sud them up in your hands first. This helps with the activation of the ingredients for the full effect when you apply it to your face.

4. Carefully Select Your Daily Facial and Body Care Products

If you want to keep your skin smooth and youthful-looking, you’ll need some facial and body care cosmetic products to help you achieve your goal.

Glycerin soaps, light moisturizing cream, and regenerative elixirs with active ingredients and other nutritional properties from Korres are a good choice, as these products are of the highest quality and proven effectiveness. Use these tips on a daily basis and you will achieve perfect skin.

Post Author: Clare Louise