Vaping with yoga; is it beneficial?

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How can yoga be more effective with vaping? This the question that has been on everyone’s mind lately, due to the rising trend of combining cannabis with yoga by cannabis enthusiasts. If you haven’t heard of vaping, it is the alternative form of cigarettes. A considerably less harmful form. It consists of an electronic device called an e-cigarette having a liquid that may or may not contain nicotine (depending on the brand). If you are interested in e liquid, click here.  A heating component inside the device heats up the liquid converting into a vapor form which is inhaled by the user. Normally adults experiencing withdrawal from smoking take up vaping. However, health conscious adults and adolescents are now indulging more in vaping due to it being less harmful and lesser stigma surrounding it than the traditional tobacco packed cigarettes.

Question is why the newfound trend to combine yoga with vaping? Well, essentially yoga is an ancient Hindu practice focused towards building and maintaining a state of meditation and relaxation by the combination of various breathing techniques, body postures and soothing music or sounds. By combining it with vaping, individuals hope to obtain a higher state of relaxation and peace in body, mind and soul.

Although this marriage of yoga with vaping is still controversial among the yoga community, but there is a unanimous agreement and understanding that the art form of yoga aims to find freedom from worldly suffering. There are many who believe that vaping will hinder the focus while others are open to exploring the higher realms of meditation and relaxation with the “high” vaping offers.

What happens during yoga while vaping?

Before beginning your first leg of stretches, you will feel your mind more alive and going into an imaginative state. You will feel more strongly connected to your body, being more grounded towards your center of gravity. Your muscles and joints are going to be more stretched and engaged into the body postures you practice. This may not what you have experienced while being sober. Many users reported having clearer mind while also being able to control their breathing, feeling refreshed, internally cleansed and higher energy levels.

Some considerations:

  1. Before indulging, you should fully well know the impact of influence of vaping on you and your yoga practice. If you think that you will be safe while vaping and it may aid in relaxation and suppress aches and pains, then that’s your call.
  2. If you practice in a crowded yoga class and you want to be in control and comfortable while high in that situation, then try your yoga ta home first and see how it works for you. Since you may run the risk of not having sufficient control and may fall out on follow classmate. Though vaping allows more control and also allows to adjust dosage according to your mood, but running a pilot test first never harmed anyone.
  3. Breathing is gets effected by the act of vaping and may disrupt your yoga routine, so be sure to consume lots of water from preventing dehydration of your mouth and throat.
  4. Keeping focus is the key to any yoga practice, so you want to find that balance between your “high” and consciousness so that you are able to listen to the instructor and not wander off. Start with small doses and observe how tour body reacts and the impact it has on yoga.

In conclusion, vaping with yoga is a fascinating combination and while it does no harm but make sure to vape responsibly so that you boost your yoga without effecting your focus and postures in anyway.

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