What are the Causes of Alcohol Addiction and Risk Factors?

Alcohol addiction is a serious problem all around the world. There are several risk factors that cause Alcoholism in one. These risk factors are non-deterministic because the risk factors interact and affect differently in different individuals. There are some internal factors as well as some external that make a person addicted to the Alcohol or any drug addiction. In this article, we are focusing on the alcoholism cause and risk factors that leading number of people towards Alcoholism. No matter how deeply the factors influence or person suffers from alcoholism, there is the treatment to get out of the trap. The Real Hope Recovery center helps patients to recovery from alcohol addiction . These factors do not truly determine that a person is alcoholic or not, but studies and researchers have found these factors in several drug or alcohol addicts.

  1. Psychological Factors

A person’s psychological factors may influence someone to intake alcohol or drug. A person suffering from depression, social anxiety or bipolar disease develops drug addiction easily, and 40% of before-mentioned people acquire drug abuse with 20% of them developing alcoholism.

  1. Personality Factors

Personality also plays a vital role in developing alcohol addicts. Some people want to enjoy their life and want to spend most of the time in partying can become alcoholic easily. Whereas some people you are shy and have less social communication and are likely to develop alcohol addiction to reduce the discomfort of communication. Individuals who have the positive expectations about alcohols or any drug are more likely to develop the addiction that those who have negative Expectations.

  1. Drinking History and Personal Choice Factors

Drinking History and personal choices also influence a person to be an alcohol addict. Consider the one who has a long history of drinking alcohol and attends the social situations where drinking occurs and a person with a short drinking history who do not drink alcohol much. Comparing both the First person will develop alcoholism due to personal choices and drinking history influencing on him or her.

  1. Genetic Factors

In some studies, it found that genetic factors also impact on alcoholism. However, it is the behavioral and not genetic cause still biological children raised by the alcoholic are more likely to grow alcoholism than those of non-biological one raised by alcoholics.

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