What Are the Proper Ways to Clean Your Eyewear?

Ok, so you visited the optometrist went to an optician and fixed your eye condition by getting the eye wear you needed. Now what? Now you should be focused on keeping your eyewear clean and neat. This expands its life span, prevents infections, and ensures you always get a crystal-clear view of the world around you.

Contact Lenses

When you get your contact lenses, you will either have them made as daily disposable or frequent/planned replaceable. The first ones you dispose of after daily wearing, while you can reuse the second ones but you need to clean, rinse and disinfect them before each use.

To take care of your lenses you will need a disinfecting and cleaning product. There are different products for each type of lenses. You can buy a multipurpose solution, hydrogen peroxide, saline etc. Consult with your doctor for choosing the proper solution content your cleaning product must have.

Before you start cleaning the lenses, make sure that your hands are properly cleaned as well. Do not rely too much on solutions that contain lotion, cold cream and oily substances. These may damage the lens. Also keep your fingernails clean and neat and avoid touching the lens with them. The next things you need to do is put the lens in the palm of your hand and insert the solution on it. With your other hand start gently rubbing your lens in the solution. After doing so, put the lens in your lens storage and put the recommended disinfecting solution. Do the same thing for the other lens and let them soak there overnight, so the next morning they will be ready to use.

Note: Mind the cleanness of your lens storage. Clean and disinfect it on a regular basis. That is done by using the same product solutions as those used for cleaning your lenses.


Fortunately, glasses are easier to clean and disinfect. You just need to have the proper storage and cleaning tissues for them. Using the occasional shirt and breathing on to the glass isn’t at all recommended. It just makes the vision blurrier and it can cause appearance of micro-scratches. Even if you cannot see them, they still damage your eyes by interfering with the light dispersion.

To do your daily cleaning uses special wipes and cleaning products to clean the lenses of your glasses. They are specifically made for disinfecting and cleaning. Keep your glass storage tidy; do use at as an additional key or ID card storage space. It is meant specifically for eye wear.

On the other hand, if you want a full clean method which includes cleaning of glass and frames then there are many other methods. You can even do this in your kitchen. Put them under mildly warmed water. Then apply a little amount of dish soup on your fingertips and gently rub it against the glass and nose pad. Rinse the eye wear with hot water and wipe it with cotton or microfiber cloths. You can also order online a deep cleaning machine, which cleans your eyewear for you.

Note: When cleaning your eyewear avoid products as bleach, ammonia, lemon juice, toothpaste, vinegar, facial tissues and paper towels.

Post Author: Sheri Croll