What is the Age Requirement for Those Who Want to Move to a Senior Living Center?

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The decision to move into a senior living center is often very personal. However, one of the more common questions asked when deciding on a location is where there is a minimum age limit before moving to a specific facility. The answer is both yes and no. Here’s what you need to know.

Standard Minimum Age Limits

There really is no standard rule when it comes to age requirements and senior living centers. In most cases, the individual facility decides the age cutoff for residency. Most tend to err on the side of caution and establish a minimum guideline of 50 or 55, but this can vary.

Likewise, others opt to only have seniors below a certain age. And some tend to accept adults of any age depending on medical or disability needs. It really varies widely, so it is important to ask this question while touring the facility.

The State You Live in Matters

Where you live also matters when it comes to age requirements for senior living centers. Currently, Mississippi does not have this type of rule, but other states do. For example, you must usually be over the age of 62 in Florida and 55 in Maryland. If you’re looking at an assisted care facility in another state, be sure to ask about these regulations.

Other Information to Know

There’s also another reason why age requirements at senior living facilities are so important. Part of the beauty of senior living centers is that residents get to be around people their same age with similar interests. By opening the facility to more age groups, the chance of this level of social interaction diminishes.

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Post Author: Danny White