When cockroaches become a problem

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Cockroaches multiply quickly and contaminate everything they come in contact with. We help you with a simple plan to deal with these creepy intruders.

Cockroaches are the worst pests to harbour in the house. They are difficult to catch and even more difficult to kill. Squashing, chasing away with a broom, pest control treatments…nothing seems to keep the pesky creatures away for long!

If your home has become a safe haven for cockroaches, it is time to arm yourself with a cockroach killer spray and get to work finding and eliminating them.

Cockroach control 101: Start with the basics

Cockroaches may be stubborn as hell, but there are ways to ensure that they are eliminated and stay away from your home. Try this multi-pronged plan:

* Remove all sources of food. When we say ‘food’, don’t merely think of freshly prepared food or fruit left in the bowl. Cockroaches are equally at home in a trash can as they are in a vat of cooked food. The creature is capable of eating simply anything, even dead cockroaches! So, the first thing to do is ensure that they have no access to any kind of nourishment. Store all your food in containers or the refrigerators, and cover the trash can every night before you sleep. Also mop up any food crumbs or spills the moment you see them.

* Find where the creatures are nesting.Cockroaches are not like rodents, in that, they set up home inside your house instead of coming and going every day. They will most certainly set up a nest in a warm and moist space, like under the kitchen sink or behind cupboards, or even inside a wall with peeling and cracked plaster. Check every inch of the house thoroughly to find where they are nesting, and zap the nest with a good cockroach killer spray like Mortein. The spray will hose down all roaches and also kill their eggs. Once the roaches have died, sweep the area clean and disinfect.

* Use cockroach killer in drains and dark spaces. Cockroaches normally enter the house through drains in the bathroom, toilet and the sink pipes. It takes concerted effort to discourage them from entering the house through these routes, and to kill any creatures lurking there. You can see the creatures checking if the coast is clear by putting their antenna out of the drains. Every night, spray the drains liberally with cockroach killer spray so that they are killed instantly. Do this for a few weeks and the menace will soon disappear.

* Keep the house dry.Like other pests, cockroaches are attracted to warm and moist living conditions. Keeping the air and all surfaces dry and crisp will repel them faster. Every day, switch on the dehumidifier or AC for a few minutes to remove humidity in the air. Also wipe down all the hard surfaces with disinfectant liquid.

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