Whoever starts with a personal trainer rarely goes back to the gym

More and more people choose to have a healthy lifestyle and to achieve this it is necessary to exercise and follow a healthy diet. Fundamental to live more and better. The offers to take care of you are endless: gym, yoga in the park, jogging, pole dance class, exercise at home, personal training … but which of these is better?

Personal training: the investment

While it is true that gym fees are more or less affordable, there is an option that, although not more economical, can be the most efficient. The personal trainer is a specialist in physical preparation who will develop a specific plan for you, limiting the risk of injury and favouring the achievement of objectives more efficiently.

One of the advantages of having a personal trainer is that the objectives are not reached in the same way or with the same rapidity. Each objective needs a specific training and to achieve them you have to reach some limits of work that without the help of a trainer are impossible to perform.

In the gym, you will never get the same results as if you have a personal trainer to guide you in your health / sport plan or take you to the limit. The training is usually accompanied by a complete plan of nutrition and physiotherapy that is adapted according to the evolution of each person.

Now, the number of sessions that would be necessary to reach your goals depends on each person, their physical form, their time and their economic possibilities, but the average is about three times a week , although there are some train one, two, five, or six times. That’s why it’s personal training, because it fits your needs and that is why you train outdoors.

On the other hand, this option offers a much more varied theme. They have trainings where they mix boxing, running, ‘baileactivo’ and ‘very specific disciplines such as Ballet Fit’, which makes each session different and entertaining, unlike the series in gym machines that they can become monotonous.

Whoever starts with a personal trainer is rarely going to train on their own because they see the benefits in their own skin.

The personal training is not a marketing strategy, it’s a formula that works, it is a continuous progress, is strength, will and sacrifice, but above all is the constant satisfaction of a job well done.

They are exercises and activities that adapt to your objectives, characteristics and limitations, taught by real fitness experts who base their work on personalized strategies and material resources that are not available to everyone.

Why hire a Personal Trainer?

Personal Trainers are here to help you reach your goal in the shortest time possible.

  • Based on your objectives, they design a customized fitness plan adapted to your needs.
  • They teach you to perform the exercises that you most require accurately, with the appropriate weight, appropriate number of repetitions and rest times between sets, insisting on breathing and posture so that you can achieve the best performance with each movement and avoid injuries.
  • They assure you a constant progress session by session.
  • They monitor your diet and they propose a Nutritional Plan in charge of their nutritional services specialists.
  • They keep you motivated and encourage you to attend the gym.
  • They verify your progress monthly.

With this help, you can experience a true development of Body and Mind.  You will see physical improvements and feel a positive psychological change, feeling more energy, more motivation to do things and greater self-esteem and security to face the challenges every day.

The objectives and capabilities of each one are unique. The results become the most important and personalization becomes indispensable.

A personal training program offers you the chance to get fit, optimizing time and resources with the help of fitness professional. The team of personal trainers has extensive training and experience to adapt to your physical condition and achieve the results you are looking for. Go ahead and try the personal training sessions by objectives!


Through personal training you will achieve your goals quickly and efficiently. The motivation, personalization and continuous supervision are three of the advantages of this service, with which you will reach the physical level that you propose and get to know why you train outdoors .

Personalized personal training services

Their programs by objectives guarantee results and exceed the expectations of their clients. Each personal trainer will use all their tools to motivate you and prepare a plan with specific routines and exercises so that you achieve your goals. Can you imagine how you would feel if you manage to lose those kilos that you wanted or will you achieve that strong muscle to do everything you want?

Post Author: Clare Louise