Why organ transplant crowdfunding is important

Organ transplants are some of the most common life-saving procedures that people require. Unfortunately, they are also very expensive. An organ transplant is required by people who are seriously ill and there is no other way to recover. Transplants also mean that the patient will be dependent on medications for the rest of their life. When the organ is donated by a live donor, an organ transplant consists of two surgeries – one for the donor, the other for the recipient.

Medical loans are not an option for many people who have to undergo an organ transplant. Many of them do not have enough savings to treat themselves. In such situations, crowdfunding India ventures can be of great use. Nobody should have to die because of the unaffordability of healthcare. Healthcare in India is getting more expensive by the day. Government hospitals have a long waiting list for life saving procedures and private hospitals are just too expensive. The only way out is crowdfunding your medical expenses.

Organ transplants are difficult not just because of the costs but also because of the availability of organs. Organs are difficult to acquire and there are long lines of people who are waiting to get an organ Organs are rare and this is why there is an increasing demand for it in the black market. Black market trade in organs creates a scarcity of them and pushes up the price of organs even more.

Indian crowdfunding gets a large portion of its business from medical fundraising. Crowdfunding platforms in India are particularly experienced with raising money for medical purposes. Crowdfunding in India consists of talking to people personally, writing emails to possible allies and campaigning on social media. Your campaign needs to be popular and you need to do it with a lot of tenacity. Here are some things you can do when you campaign for your organ transplant fundraiser:

  1. Make sure that you choose the right crowdfunding websites India. There are many sites but you should choose one with experience and resource for your campaign. Most importantly, choose a site that charges a service fee like Impact Guru and in return provides you with a campaign manager.
  2. Make sure that your fundraiser is well-written. A well-written fundraiser is not sloppy, it is concise and elaborates on why you cannot spend money on your organ transplant.
  3. To make your fundraiser more useful, upload supporting documents. This means you upload pictures of the medical documents that substantiate your claim on your fundraiser. If possible, you should also upload a video with a message from the patient.
  4. When you campaign on social media, make sure that your posts are shared and talked about. Form a team to do this.
  5. Your team should be dedicated to your cause, which is to help the concerned person seeking a transplant.
  6. If you think your social media reach is not enough and only one fundraiser will not do the job, you can create support fundraisers. They will raise part of the money and divide the work among your team.

Fundraising for India opens up important discussions. Moreover, fundraising for organ transplants is likely to open up the discussion surrounding the condition of the medical system where organs are difficult to obtain. Raising funds online makes people sit up and take notice of the problems in society. When a person reads your fundraiser, they can gain an idea of the situation surrounding organ transplantation and how much it can cost. Therefore, crowdfunding does not just raise money, it also does a whole lot of other good things.

Post Author: Sheri Croll