Why Use CBD Oil? Benefits and Everything You Need to Know

Times are changing. With FDA approving use of CBD for reducing the symptoms and impact of two rare forms of epilepsy, and slowly realising CBD Oil benefits , CBD Oil and CBD based products are gaining increasing prominence and acceptance.

  • What is CBD?

Derived either from hemp or  cannabis , CAnnabidiol or CBD as it commonly called is one of the sevela chemical compounds extracted from the plant via several extraction method, with CO2 extraction yielding the highest quality of CBD Oil.

  • Hemp vs Cannabis?

This is a long-standing misconception amongst the drug-fearing-population, CBD derived from hemp and cannabis are same. While CBD products made from cannabis plant are used for recreational purposes and have a significant amount of THC in them to create a high, hemp derived CBD oil and products are extracted from seeds, leaves and stem. The hemp derived CBD products have a significantly low psychoactive compound and a high level of non-psychoative compounds.

  • Why should one use CBD Oil?

It has numerous medical benefits like; it helps reducing stress, alleviate inflammation, reduces sleep related disorder, improves sleep pattern. It has antioxidant properties that can help boost the immune system.

  • Why does CBD Bioavailability matters?

CBD products are available in various forms, capsules, powder, tablets, oil etc. Each product has a different concentration and is derived from a different extraction method. There are multiple ways by which CBD can be consumed and it method has a different impact on our body since or every method  ensure high bioavailability. Two  methods that result in maximum bioavailability are intravenous administration and vapourized consumption. Intravenous administration means injecting CBD directly into the bloodstream, while inhaling CBD directly into the lungs via vapour device is vaporized consumption..

  • Has The FDA given green signal to CBD Oil?

Although the WHO report on” effect of CBD Oil” states that it has low bioavailability, a progress in the acceptance of medicinal benefits of CBD had been made with FDA approving use of CBD Oil for two rare forms of epilepsy. Epidiolex, a cannabinoid compound will be now used for treatment of two serious and rare epilepsy conditions : Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome,

Since CBD research is still a work in progress, there are numerous misconceptions surrounding it. The limited knowledge of this intricate subject is being leveraged by the cheating manufacturers and sellers who are duping nedycsonumders into purchasing low  qauoty CBD Oil and CBD based products that are hazardous to health.

Yes, CBD oil has promising benefits but one must be very cautious while purchasing  it. Keep into account the CBD is still unregulated, which could result in false claims, high quantity of pesticide, contaminants. Check for the company’s reputation, look for the concentration, components. Do not forget to verify the  unbiased third party results abbot u products potency. Instead of wandering suspicious shops selling cheap CBD Oil and CBD based products, we suggest you purchase it from credible online seller.

Post Author: Clare Louise