5 Fast Steps to Great Interpersonal Communication

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The secret of a happy and successful life both personally and professionally is to collaborate and exist with others. It is evident that professionals with good interpersonal skills are likely to make big and they polish their skills with practice, repetition and try to incorporate these skills in their routine lives.

Improvisation and adaptation is the core of learning great interpersonal skills. You need to learn interpersonal communication traits and incorporate them in lives. Lessons about improving interpersonal skills must be learned and incorporated for better and effective implementation. Good communication and interpersonal skills depend on Interpersonal Intelligence . However, there are some secrets of learning interpersonal skills and some of them are discussed here for better understanding and acknowledgment.

  • Be cognizant- becoming cognizant and self-aware is the core of good communication skills. Being able to control your own verbal and nonverbal communication skills. One must be mindful and aware of emotions as they play an important role in improving interpersonal skills. The lack of self-awareness can not enough control over emotions can hamper your interpersonal skills.

  • Be empathetic, respectful- being respectful and empathetic and a good listener is important to improve good interpersonal skills. You might have your opinion and that can be different from the person speaking but you have to be empathetic and respect another person who is speaking. Wait for your chance and try to explain your opinion when you are asked to. The assertiveness must be also seen by body language as well. Remember the interpersonal skills include verbal and nonverbal communications. The assertiveness in the conversation must be shown by body language as well.

  • Be respectful listener- if you are not a good listener than you can never develop good interpersonal skills. You must become a cautious and active listener. For becoming a good listener you must have a habit of responding to the speaker, nod timely and react on every up and down of the speaker.

  • Avoid talking over others- it is very easy to cut someone other speaking and jump into the conversation but it is not a good idea if you are trying to develop good interpersonal skills. it is considered very ill-mannered to speak in between as it breaks concentration and continuity of speaker and disrespects him. Also starting a conversation with others while someone is addressing you gives a very bad response to both speaker and another person.
  • Collaborate with assertiveness and positivity – always try to imbibe positivity and assertiveness during the conversation. It is not compulsory to agree with everything that the other person is saying. You can show your disagreement in a firm but polite words.  You don’t have to admit to things just to be polite but being rude is not acceptable. Say things in a polished manner or if you are not willing to continue conversation then take excuse politely.

Developing interpersonal skills is very important for tasting success in both personal and professional life. The secret of developing interpersonal skills is not a rocket science but it requires discipline and contentious practice to master these skills. Learning these skills is a process that flows throughout life. everyone must learn interpersonal skills as they are important to make others feel that you are concerned for them and respects their opinion.

Post Author: Donald Phillips