9 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress

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Life can be stressful. Work, school and even our personal life can be overbearing at times. Without an outlet for stress, we’re more likely to suppress it and this long-term suppression becomes chronic.

Here’s a list of simple lifestyle changes you can do to reduce stress:

Engage in an exercise routine

Physical activity raises the feel-good hormones in your body, which helps you have a better mood. A rush of endorphins in the body is similar to the effect of morphine on the brain. Simply walking for a few minutes every day reduces stress levels.

Spend time with loved ones

Allotting time with loved ones help you ease off any negative thought you have. Having a support network of caring people relieves you of anxiety and depressive tendencies.

Alter your diet

Changing your diet for good and choosing only the healthiest meals will improve your body. Dine in a vegan restaurant in Brisbane to indulge in quick and healthy meals. An effective diet has long-term effects, and that includes lowering the stress hormone, cortisol in the body.

Get proper, 8-hour sleep

Stress induces insomnia because of its hyperarousal effect. Overthinking and wakefulness are the two major effects of stress on the body at nighttime. What you can do is limit the amount of screen time you get in the evening. As much as possible, stay away from your gadgets at least two hours before you plan to sleep.

Pamper yourself a few times a month

Pampering yourself need not be expensive. There are various relaxation methods you can do such as preparing your own salt bath, foot scrub or face mask. But if you want a professional’s touch, you can go to your preferred skin clinic in Gold Coast to have special treatments done. For sure, after the relaxing retreat, you can feel rejuvenated and composed.

Go outside for fresh air

Taking a breath of fresh air reduces your stress and anxiety levels by exposing the lungs to an adequate amount of oxygen. Numerous studies have proven the calming effect of the smell of fresh flowers, so take a walk outside whenever the office or your home gets too suffocating.

Engage in fulfilling hobbies

Doing your hobbies in your spare time may alleviate any physical discomfort you’re feeling when you’re stressed. Creative hobbies such as writing, art and photography can increase your productivity and lifts your self-esteem.

Keep a daily journal

Writing daily entries in your journal helps raise your emotional intelligence. This is proven by numerous studies that illustrate how journaling about stressful events helps in increasing self-awareness and social skills.

Take your pet outdoors

Playing with your pet is one of the best ways to de-stress. Psychologically, nurturing your pet through spending time and physically bonding with it affects your mood in the long run. This attachment ups your mental, social and emotional well-being.

Letting stressful events overtake you gets you nowhere. It only amplifies the effects of stress on your overall well-being. Remember that no matter how stressful a day gets, there are things you can do to offset it.

Author: Carrie Sze

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