A Look into the Realm of Aesthetic and Plastic the Surgery

Plastic Surgery has seen a tremendous improvement with all the passing years. It is one of the most useful gifts for human beings; as it is an excellent surgical process which involves reconstruction, restoration and correction of any particular part of the human body. It can be categorized into two forms: the first is reconstructive surgery which consists of micro surgery, hand surgery, craniofacial and the treatment or solution for burn cure.

The other part is aesthetic or cosmetic surgery which aims at improving or correcting the appearance of the body part. Both the techniques are widely practiced in all parts of the world. But it should be kept in mind that you should choose the best surgeon for the procedure like Dr. Michael Miroshnik. He practices in Australia and is the winner of 4 aesthetic awards which are globally recognized.

There is a need to understand both the surgeries well: Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery: We know both kind of surgeries deal with improving some part of patient’s body, but the philosophies which guide through the research, training and goals for every patient outcome, differ. Let us go into the procedures and understand them well.

The surgery to enhance appearance: Cosmetic Surgery

As the name explains, it focuses mainly to improve the look of the part of body with which one is not satisfied and wishes to correct it. The key points are symmetry, refining aesthetic appeal and proportion. It can be performed well on all the areas of neck, head and body with super talented and trusted surgeons like Dr. Michael Miroshnik . As the there is no problem in the functioning of the treated areas it is completely elective.

The areas where the cosmetic surgery procedures are very effective are:

  • Breast Enhancement- This surgery is a cosmetic procedure to enhance the breast shape and increase breast size with the help of saline or silicone breast implants. The final goal is to enhance the patient’s natural proportions and thus create symmetrical pleasing breast profile.
  • Facial Rejuvenation- This is cosmetic treatment is done to restore and make the human face more youthful. It can be achieved either by non-surgical or surgical options. For e.g. face lift, neck lift and brow lift.
  • Facial Contouring- It is also known as facial sculpting; it is a totally elective cosmetic clinical technique that helps to improve the appearance of the face. For e.g. Rhinoplasty, cheek or chin enhancement.
  • Body Contouring-This procedure is done to alter the shape of human body. The surgical process includes elimination or reduction of excess fat and skin in a variety of places like chest, upper arms, torso and thighs.
  • Skin Rejuvenation- Sometimes aging, skin disorders and sun can lead to skin irregularities on the body and face. Resurfacing andskin rejuvenation can be achieved in different ways like laser, energy-based treatments or light.

Both cosmetic and plastic surgeries have distinct goals but both are very equally beneficial for human beings as they built up ones confidence level; psychologically and emotionally. It is a boon for the mankind.

Post Author: Donald Phillips