An easy effective way to infuse Vitamin B12 in our system

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Transdermal is basically a route of administration for delivering active ingredients for systematic distribution. Transdermal method is used to pass drugs and medication in our system directly through skin. Although Skin is used as a basic target for drug delivery, its basic function limits the purpose. The skin is to protect our internal organs from the outer substances and microorganisms present in the environment. There are major two layers of skin First is The Epidermis and second is the Dermis. The drug inject or passed through skin has to pass through these two layers and go to our system.

There are two pathways by which the drug is passed in our body system. There are two major Transdermal pathways through which the drug can cross the skin and reach its systematic circulation. The two pathways are Transcellular and Intracellular Pathways. There are many devices and formulation to administer the substance. One of them is Transdermal patch.

Transdermal Patch

Transdermal Patch is fundamentally a therapeutic patch which as to be positioned on the skin so that it transport dose of the medicine in our blood circulation. This patch helps in healing the injured area of the body. Over other methods to deliver the drug in our body such as oral, topical, intravenous, intramuscular, etc. the transdermal drug delivery method has an advantage. The major advantage is that it provides a controlled release of the medication into the patient usually through body heat melting thin layers of the medication embedded in the adhesive. A wide variety of pharmaceuticals have come up with this transdermal patch form.

Many patches are there in the market and one of them is Transdermal B12 Patches . This is basically for the person who is suffering for vitamin b12 deficiency. This patch gives a relief to the patient from the oral and injected drugs. Using the patch is real easy and effective; they just need to apply the patch on a clean dry hair free area of the body. It has to be removed after 24 hours and the effect stays there for week and after a week you need to apply a new patch. Gradually it treats with this B12 deficiency. This patches are not only with vitamin B12 ingredients but it is a combination of Vitamin A, D, E, K and the B vitamins, hence it helps in overall health of your body

Post Author: Donald Phillips