Are You Looking for Right Drug Rehab Insurance That Gives Best Value of Your Money?

If you or any of your dear one has undergone treatment in any drug and alcohol rehab center then you must be aware of the expenses, which is not a small one. However, if you can find the right insurance company, then you can get a good relief.

So, in this short write-up we shall talk about how to get a good insurance coverage for the treatment of addiction problem related to drug and alcohol.

When you are admitted to any rehab center then you will have following expenses –

  • Detox
  • Actual treatment
  • Medications

You need to choose any good insurance coverage like united healthcare mental health coverage or any similar insurance company who can offer you best coverage option. There are two different categories of insurance. One is private insurance that you can buy on your own. Another is public insurance which is provided by the government. Let us try to understand both these categories of insurance coverage.

  • Private insurance

This type of insurance you need to buy either individually or under any group plan through your employer. As compared to public health care insurance, this is bit expensive however it provides much better rehabilitation coverage.

However, most of these insurance companies have got their own network of health providers and if you get your treatment from those rehab centers then you can get maximum coverage. In case you go to any out of network healthcare center, then you have to pay upfront during the treatment and later get it reimbursed after submitting your medical bills.

  • Public insurance

This type of insurance is government funded scheme which are meant for people who are of age 65 years and above. Quite a few younger people with certain disabilities are also provided such coverage. This insurance is much more affordable.

This insurance too covers impatient care, outpatient care and certain prescription medications. For medication you have to buy additional coverage, which is optional.

However, the amount of coverage under the public insurance may vary from state to state.

Therefore, if you are looking for better coverage for drug treatment then you need to choose certain private insurer whose network health care facilities are available within your range.

Post Author: Paul Petersen