Bouncing Back from Gout Attacks and Standing Up for a Healthier Life

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Back when I was a young stud who is physically strong and mentally tough because I know that I am at the prime of my life and I have everything that I need to emerge victorious despite all the seemingly insurmountable challenges that I face, I used to think that I was invincible and nothing can take me down. I play different kinds of sports because driving strong to the rack for a slam dunk like Vince Carter, blasting through laps in the swimming pool like Michael Phelps and scoring the winning touchdown like Aaron Rogers really make me feel like I am on top of the world as my team mates and fans carry me off to the victory party. And when it comes to celebrating life and having a great time with my friends, I was a party animal who wolfed down whatever I want and drank like a thirsty sailor on shore leave because I believe that we only have one life to live and I want to make the most of my limited time here on earth.

But when my high blood pressure, sugar levels and uric acid saturation shot through the roof, I knew that I had to slow down because I was wrecking my whole body and I was feeling the brunt and dire repercussions of the poor decisions that I have madeduring the salad days of my youth. And that is the reason why as soon as I recover from my gout treatment in Singapore in the hands of the best medical specialists and highly-acclaimed doctors who are working hard to get me back on my feet, no pun intended, I know that I need to lay down the law, curb my appetite for unfettered indulgence and commit to a healthier lifestyle or else I will surely suffer the consequences of my poor judgment. After all, there is no sense in working hard in my career and providing a great life for my loved ones if I am not there to enjoy the fruits of my hard work and honest labour through the years because I am too weak, fragile and incapacitated due to debilitating medical conditions.

And that is the reason why after eating bananas and acai berry, taking a few days off from work, strapping ice packs to the affected area and hydrating myself properly to assuage the ravaging effects of hyperuricemia that triggers the crippling gout pain in foot and other tender joints around my body especially my knee, I vowed to make the necessary changes because I am sick and tired of sitting on the bench while everybody else is having the time of their life. First and foremost, I decided to quit bad habits like smoking tobacco, drinking too much alcohol and consuming other prohibited substances because I know that these poisonous temptations are slowly killing me from the inside out.

Aside from playing different kinds of sports like basketball, water polo, football and swimming, I also decided to get in touch with a highly recommended personal fitness trainer so that I can work out, pump iron and lift weights in the gym because I want to lose weight and tone my muscles to get the body that I want. Last but not the least, and this is certainly the toughest challenge for me, I switched to a healthier diet because I know that eating organic vegetables, fresh fruits, lean meat and whole wheat grains is better for my general health than wolfing down cheeseburgers, pizza, chili cheese fries and chocolate milkshakes that I love.

Post Author: Donald Phillips