Choosing the Best Paper for Announcement Printing Phoenix

Distributing announcements for your personal or professional event is an important part of inviting people that matter. Just like the quality of your design is important, the type of paper should also have special consideration when Announcement Printing Phoenix.

The quality of the paper that you use reflects the effort you put into the card, making readers more interested in your event. If you have a business event, the quality of your prints will show the quality of your business to potential customers. It is really a matter of common sense to have a high-quality card to make it appealing.

Choosing Paper Features

If you want a paper that supports a lot of ink, consider paper with high opacity. If you want a card that is super durable, look for paper with high thickness. Smoothly surfaced sheets of paper can also improve the appearance of a print. Also, consider a glossy or matte surface to fit the appearance of your design.    These are features that you want when shopping around for a service for announcement printing Phoenix.

If you want engraving done, it is best to choose paper that supports it. A thick base with a matte surface is a common sight for engraved printing as it can support having a lowered surface. Since engraving is suitable for formal events, it is an expensive printing method and should be accommodated with the highest quality paper.

If you would like to give a luxury look to your announcement, consider using silk coated paper. This type of paper can improve readability of text and can make colors look more defined. It is also a good choice considering that it is suited for any type of announcement, including one that is heavily embedded with images.

Another interesting type of paper is magnetic paper. Not only does it have a high-quality finish for increased readability, it has a magnetic layer that sticks to metal. This can make your announcement double as a refrigerator magnet to give the reader a reason to keep it.

You may also want to consider recycled paper if you are rather environmentally conscious. This type of paper can have an earthy feel and will often have an uncoated surface. It is a well-rounded type of paper that can be economical and you may advertise the fact that your announcement is printed on recycled material.

As you can tell, you have many options to choose from when creating announcement prints. Consider the features that you want for your announcement and make some test prints to see if it matches with your design. You may consult with a service that specializes in Announcement Printing Phoenix to find the right paper type.

Post Author: Clare Louise