Converting a Room into a Bathroom Costs

On average, adding a new bathroom or converting a room without rough plumbing installation to a bathroom costs about $15,000.

Adding custom features or expensive upgrades easily excelsit to $25,000 including the whole project from rough plumbing bathroom installation and electrical works to sink, toilet and shower installation.

To see exactly how much, check bathroom installation project costs below.

  1. Rough plumbing bathroom installation: most homeowners spend $1,000 tosupply line plumbing. The price fluctuates basing on the size of your bathroom and pipe material.Adding a shower tub combo also increases your expenses.
  2. Shower installation: upgraded showers come with upgraded costs. The average shower installation cost is nearly $3,000, some shower additions range from $500 to $10,000.A new shower often makes up one-third of the total bathroom addition cost.
  3. Bathtub Installation: the average cost goes up to nearly $3,000. Your installation cost can be less in case, if you installing a shower tub combo or opting for expensive tub options. The cheapest tubs are fiberglass and steel (from $300) while the most expensive are cast iron and marble ones ($2,500 maximum).
  4. Toilet Installation: the average person uses the toilet nearly eight times a day or 2,500 times per year, three years of his life (according to the World Toilet Organization). Without rough plumbing, the toilet installation in new bathroom will not exceed $600.
  5. Sink: Be ready to pay between $250 and $500 forprofessionally installed sink.Depending on its style (vessel, pedestal or undermount) the price could swell up to $1,000.

      6.Faucet Installation:  the cost depends on chosen finishes that range from brass and chrome to stainless steel               and brushed nickel. The total cost ranges from $180to $250.

     7. Flooring Installation: the average cost is about $2,500.But it truly comes down to material with vinyl as the                 cheapest installation option ($3.00/sf) and tile or hardwood as the most expensive(up to $8.00/sf)

  1. Bathroom drywall installation: the price depends on your location, size and the difficulty of project, on average expect to pay about $1.50 – $2.00/sf for installation
  2. Other additions

Countertop – $2,000 to $5,000

Cabinet -$500 to $4,000 (entire project)

Heated Bathroom Floors – $500 – $1,500

Mirror – $50 – $300

Bathroom Fan – $100 – $400

Track Lighting – $450 – $700

Jacuzzi – $1,500 – $13,000

Backsplash – $20/sf – $41/sf

Automation – $550 – $2,500

Post Author: Clare Louise